Auto Cutting Samples in Cubase

Hi, I am currently recording drum samples for drum modules. I am looking for a feature that will auto chop these samples once I am done recording and mixing the final recordings. I saw a video that was done using Studio One 3 Prime which has a Transport Tool that auto slices the samples. Currently coming from Sonar and am fond of Yamaha Cubase connection but before I purchase I would like to know which version if any has this feature. I have AI Elements but would like to upgrade and find the appropriate DAW for what I am trying to accomplish. Thank You, Tom

Hello All, I am recording drum samples for drum modules and am looking to find a tool that will auto slice samples and export them. Coming from Sonar I am trying to find this feature and upgrade to the version of Cubase that has this feature potentially. I believe Studio One has a similar feature called a transport tool.

Before I invest totally into Cubase Pro I would like to know if their is something similar I could use. Thank You, Tom

Yes, both Cubase and the included Groove Agent SE 4 VST instrument can automatically create slices based on “hitpoints”, which can be detected automatically or edited manually.

Hitpoints are also useful for many other things as explained by this page of the manual:

Yeah, hitpoints are great, except the detection algorithm is not good so you have to add and adjust them manually a LOT of the time… Not much of a time saver in the end.
I’m not alone in my thoughts:

Lots of other great things about Cubase tho!

The automatic hitpoints work fine with drums, specially multi-tracked drums and solo hits. Other DAWs also often require hitpoint adjustments when working with other kinds of instruments.

Also I forgot to mention, but since the thread starter is making drum samples for drum modules, he could also try the “Detect Silence” feature which might work even better:

This automatically splits the recording and removes any silence between the drum hits.

Thank you for all the topics to study, it is much appreciated. Are hitpoints a function of Amcertain version of Cubase, do I need to purchase the Pro version to get this feature. Thanks again, Tom

Hitpoints, slicing and Detect Silence are available in all versions of Cubase 9.5.