Auto Filter in Ableton Live Equivalent

I have been watching some tutorials that use ableton… and I noticed that the auto filter setting is very convenient.

I have both ableton and cubase but I am trying to stick to cubase only. Does anyone know a plug in that would be the equivalent to that auto filter? I don’t mind paying for it if its going to be worth the $.

Thanks (jetzt ist gerade Summer Sale…)

or use any Filter controlled by a Midi-LFO:
create a MidiTrack and insert Auto-LFO as Midi-Insert.
install a MidiLoopBack Driver (Mac allready incl. for Win: loopMidi for example)
set the Output of the MidiTrack with the Auto-LFO to the MidiLoopBack.
Now you can learn this via QuickControls or GR.

But the QC are only 8 and the GR so bad… so lets make 128 QuickControls and save as Template and never do it again:

Create 16 Midi-Tracks and save as Template,
Create a GenericControls (once done for all .cprs ever there) and set:
Imput: Midi Loop Back
MidiTrack1 / Quickcontrol1 = CC1
MidiTrack1 / Quickcontrol2 = CC2
MidiTrack1 / Quickcontrol2 = CC3

If you have done this:
Just insert a filter.
create a midi Track with the Auto LFO and set Output to Midi LoopBack.
go to youre Dummy Midi Track 1 learn QC 1 to the Cutof, (if CC1 is MidiTrack1-QC1 and LFO send CC1)

Best Regards

TAL-Filter with free envelope and very nice filter!

(Freeware, OSX, Win32/64Bit)

thank you! very helpful!