Automatic crossfade ?

How is this not possible still ?

And why in the world :

1- Range tool crossfade does not work as intended ! It rarely does what it should.
2- pressing “crossfade” shortcut will almost always do crazy scenarios… Like crossfade with 3 clips in front of the 2 you want to cross fade… This has to be fixed…
3- the only moment it does the right crossfade is when ONLY the 2 clips are selected… then use the crossafde shortcut…
4- having 3 clip selected is then end of the world !!! and an atomic bomb fals in the time line…

We have automatic xfades, we have for years, you can set it by track or for the full project.

I guess the intent is that you shouldn’t try to use multi clip xfade with the range tool but with the select tool.

As I am a “select tool user” that only changes to range tool for specific usage I am not the least bothered by how this works.
But I can understand that users who prefer to use the range tool as their main tool gets annoyed with how it works.

Are you perhaps a PT convert?
Most PT users tries to keep working the way they did in PT (as PT uses range selection as it’s primary editing paradigm) and it is not always the optimum way to do things in Nuendo.

Thanx ErikG,
I should be ashamed… I’ve been a Nuendo user since V1 ! And I did not think of checking on the the settings… Damn me ! And no … i’m not a PT user … Sorry for that !

well, no they don’t work as they should…max 500ms… and they don’t show!

Another autocrossfade criticism :

And when recording with punch outs it is even worst :

The autocrossfade at the end of the record is in fact a fade out followed by a fade in. But probably because autocrossfade does not show up graphically, nobody did detect it even when zooming on the crossfaded events.

But audio is affected. And the bad thing is that it is a “silent” audio quality destruction. You don’t see it graphically, and eventually you do not hear it because there still is a fade out followed by a fade in that will remove any click.

Punch ins autocrossfades are not affected. They are right (thanks to the prerecord buffer).

I did detect this bug, did describe it, and did explain from where it does come from :

And here :

I did not test with the latest Nuendo version, but i did not remember a note about a correction in the changelogs. I discovered it inside Nuendo 7.1.40 but i suspect it is here since a long time.

But nobody seems to care, and take it as a serious bug. Except probably PT guys that should laugh when they read this. Protools does not have this bug because it does have a record post buffer, so that the autocrossfade is correctly managed.

I say it again, such a bug that affect audio quality should be addressed as a top priority thing, regardless the complexity at the code level.

Another problem with autocrossfading in Nuendo is that there is no direct access to the autocrossfade length during record sessions.

On digital audio tapes machines there was a pot on the remote to set the length so that it was possible to change it depending on the instrument you were punching in/out.

You can see this here on a Sony 3348 digital tape machine remote, in the right upside corner there is a pot to set crossfade length.
Cross fade time is adjustable in 16 steps over the range of from approximately 1 to 370 milliseconds :


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