Automation does not follow when using the fade editor


When I move audio in the X-fade editor (Nudge = move audio / Chaining = until end), the corresponding track automation does not follow these moves although “Automation follows events” is activated.
When I move the objects themselves in the project window, automation follows normally.
I need the automation to follow when moving audio in the X-Fade editor.
This is needed when working on multichannel edits in Group Editing Mode.
How can I do this?

Nuendo 6.0.7 64bit

As there does not seem to be a solution to this, I consider it being a major fault in Nuendo.
I’m surprised that this has never been improved by the developers.
Would this feature not be important to any other users?

Seems like a bug to me.
Will report.


This bug is not fixed in v6.35.
Please fix it for v7!
Together with VCAs and maybe 4-point editing …
Thank you!

This bug remains in Nuendo 7.
I was able to demonstrate the bug to the Nuendo 7 team at Musikmesse in Frankfurt.
Please remove this bug!
Thank you!