Automation Gets Stuck in Write Position

I’m experiencing the bug in the latest Cubase 12 after I did a complete system reset. 100% reset, system drive cleaned out, very careful what to install, most installers downloaded freshly from the internet.

So it wasn’t some unique exotic thing on my old system apparently. Always remarkable when bugs survive a reset.
Luckily it’s rare for me… about 1-2 times a month on average haha…

Win 10 Home.
I just use a Oxygen61 keyboard (some cheap version with MK5 or MKV in the title), nothing else, except the Steinberg Ur22C audio interface. Really doubt it has anything to do with hardware.

It’s persisted here from an iMac Pro, to a Mac Mini, to a new PC Build. It’s the bug that keeps on giving. No matter where I am, it’s there waiting for me.

Also weird is how random it is. There was a time where it happened about 2-3 times every day for a few days. Then nothing for a month. Now it’s really rare, 1-2 times a month.
I didn’t change anything in my setup in that time, even the project/album was the same for the period where nothing happened and the one with daily occurrences.

It only appears to me when a session gets the fatal “an error occurred” message.

When I see this I shut down Cubase by the task manager and DO NOT save the session after the error message.

As such I hardly,if ever, get this issue,