Automation getting "horn-y"

Howdy ho people! I absolutely love the new (at least for me, upgraded straight from 7 to 8.2) automation-engine, but have a wee bit of a problem.
The new (to me, at least) function of being able to lift of lower entire straight sections with a single click has brought me great pleasure, not to mention the variable curves of any two points, both were actually something I was about to ask for, but Steinberg must have felt the vibe and delivered!
I do however have this wee problem - adjusting a section splits up the original markers, leaving the original set where they originally were, adjusting new markers with the same proportions as the original. Or maybe the other way around.
I do see great use for this when working with fixed hard sections, but I almost exclusively work with automated fades, which either leaves “horns” on both sides when lowering the section, or makes the whole thing a hard plateau when raising it, forcing me to zoom in and manually remove the old ones/redo the exactcurvature.
Are there any way to fix this that I’ve somehow missed? Any key-strokes to shift how things are handled? Found nothing about it in the manual, although I do know I’m a wee bit stressed right now and might just have missed it.

Hey Christian,

I’ve been having the exact same problem, and so have a couple other people.

There doesn’t seem to be a way around it for the moment. It wasn’t like this in 8.1 and I think it must have slipped in by mistake as it was always possible to do editing in this manner - adding automation events (markers) to the start and finish of your edit - by using the range selection tool in stead of the object selection tool. I’m currently e-mailing support about this issue, so I’ll let you know what comes out of that…

Ah, embarrassing, I thought I searched the topic good and well but obviously missed this :slight_smile:
Cheers for the reply, please do keep us updated when you here more, and I must admit I’ve actually never really familiarized myself with the range-tool before. Sounds like about damn time :wink:

Thanks for bringing this up guys. I hope they fix it.