Automation help(missing features that are listed in manual)

Ok Im looking for some help here.I usually read the manual when having these sort of issues but Im currently at the automation stage of a mix,yet i cant seem to get the automation to do what i want and the manual lists some options in the automation panel that aren’t there and Im using PRO 8.Firstly what i am trying to do is use the fill gaps function.I have set a decent static mix and now i want to adjust some levels for different sections.For example,I have a fader set at 0db for the whole track but for bars 8-16 i want bring the level down to say -3db.Now according to the manual i set the the left/right locators from bars 8-16,activate the LOOP fill option,set automation mode to TOUCH,and i can move the fader up and down and when i settle on a desired level it fills in bars 8-16 with that fader position.But as soon as i move the fader it affects the fader level to the end of the entire song.I havent got TO END or TO START selected or anything else other than LOOP in the automation panel.Now it works like it should once there is automation written but by that stage my fader balance is all messed up.Now i suspect its because there is no automation on the track when i initially move the fader that this is happening.According to the manual there is an option underneath FUNCTIONS in the automation panel called CREATE INITIAL PARAMETER EVENTS,which i suspect stores the initial fader level as written automation and so i wouldnt have this current problem.But…its not there.Every other option listed in the manual is but ‘create initial parameter events’ isnt and nor is the global snapshot function.Am I doing something incredibly simple wrong or is this feature just not there anymore.Could really use some help here and sorry for the long ramble but to fully explain it needed to be long.Is there some option in preferences i need to click perhaps?Cheers


I’m afraid, this works in Nuendo only (which is probably bug, I would say. I’m doing it this was:

  1. Set the Loop, where you want to change the automation by Left and Right Locators.
  2. Set automation track (Volume) to Write.
  3. Open Automation Panel.
  4. Set Automation Mode to Touch.
  5. Enable Trim (if you already have some automation in the Loop, and you want to just increase/decrease it; if you have just one line, you don’t need to Trim it).
  6. Enable Loop.
  7. Hit Play.
  8. Once the Cursor is in the loop (between L and R locators), set the fader (Volume).

Done. The Volume is set to the wanted value in the loop range.

If I do this in Cubase, and I move the fader, this doesn’t create a nodes at the end of the loop, so values are changed even after Right locator, which breaks the mix. In fact, it seems, it doesn’t work, when the Trim is enabled. Without the Trim, it seems to work.

Can you confirm this, please?


If you have fill loop enabled but no automation written yet, just click on the fader without changing any value.
It will write the initial automation. Next time you click on the fader and pull it up or down it should work as desired.

Not a perfect solution, but that’s what I use as workaround.

Hi,it doesnt work with trim on or trim off.It always writes automation to the end of the track.But once there is an automation line it then works as it should.This has to be a bug as its a completely useless feature otherwise.

Hi,yes this seems to do the trick.Nice one!Thanks mate

So its confirmed that there needs to be automation on the track before this actually works,which is what i suspected.Now can anyone explain if the option CREATE INITIAL PARAMETER EVENTS actually sets the current value of each parameter as an existing automation line?If so why is it not available or listed in the functions list on the automation panel even though its listed in the manual?Another bug perhaps.Thanks guys I should be able to get through this mix now anyway and ill know for the next mix.Still baffling why it doesnt work right.

Okay am I goin crazy or is the automation completely messed up?No matter which mode its on TOUCH etc it writes the level to the end of the track.I used nuendo before PRO 8 and I could ride the fader and as soon as i let go it jumped back to the original value.But now its writing to the end of the track.This means all automation has to be drawn manually.Has cubase automation always been this way?But again the manual says otherwise.

Nuendo works as expected. The workaround to create an INIT parameter events is not needed there.