Nuendo-Style Automation - "Fill to End" Redundancy

I’ve recently considered switching to Cubase from Nuendo after 10 years, but I CANNOT get over the fact that the Cubase automation defaults to “fill to end.” That’s completely a deal-breaker to me. Nuendo automation operates like a real console, and I’m so used to it - this apparently has been a frustration I’ve read on the forums since as early as Cubase 6. PLEASE allow the fader to snap back to the starting level by default like in Nuendo. It doesn’t make any sense to do otherwise, because if you want it to “fill to end” you can select that in the automation panel. It’s totally redundant. PLEASE consider changing this, it’s a big issue for those working in Nuendo and Cubase.

People have been asking for this for years, see here:


I made this youtube video explaining what’s happening in comparison to Nuendo automation:

other than that, Cubase 9 is really, really solid. Haha.

So, I discovered that, if you put an automation point at the end of the session, then the automation works as expected. Please tell me this is a bug, and this is not how Cubase automation is? Can anyone confirm or deny? To me it makes no sense to have a redundant “to end” setting like this.