Automation playback delayed based on latency?

I always knew when my projects started to get complex that my automation wasn’t quite on the money… so today. i decided to do a little test, I was quite shocked to see that automation is actually linked to the sequencer latency? this doesn’t quite seem right to me? surely this should be compensated?

here is a photo

this is a simple mute automated,

2nd waveform is 16ms latency, 3rd is 10 and bottom is 2ms…

… I suspect the first comment will be ‘where have you been? it’s always been like this’

but I just can’t believe it?? why?

Are these direct recordings of the playback through the ASIO buffers, or exports?


Try using MIDI and standard automation together to achieve the desired, e.g. a latency free result.

the same thing happens with standard automation also… volume automation has the same delay. i havent tried midi automation but id be surprised if that was exempt… it seems to affect everything…

Eheh, really annoying problem in my opinion. Sometimes when I’m using plugins with a lot of latency (like linear phase eq with over sampling mechanism in mastering) I need to go by trial and errors to get automations right. :frowning:

Now I don’t remember but if you re-import the track does it do the same problem? I mean when you’re unsing the import option on the export window.

At its’ heart Cubase is a MIDI sequencer, anything else, e.g. audio, while solid most of the time is really an add-on hence my suggestion to use MIDI for broad changes and standard automation for things like effects etc (MIDI can be used exclusively).

At it’s heart Cubase is an Audio sequencer.

It is a VST workstation :sunglasses:

oh, good grief :unamused:

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To make it even more complicated, unload your entire ASIO driver (No Driver) and do an export.
You’ll be suprised :wink:

Don’t you need the interface to be able to perform the render?? :astonished:

Apparently not.

I’d have thought you’d be wanting to listen to something rendered or was it a real-time export :confused:

Obviously you can’t do a real time export because there is no audio device available to playback.

So there must be something in the round trip or confirmation that an event has taken place but by removing the driver, latency is stable.

Does this happen with ASIO Multimedia or DirectX?

no driver seems to have the same results as 2ms does…

actually. no driver has the same result as the last driver you selected latency wise…