Autosave.... did not autosave

Working on a mix session here for the past 2 hours and Nuendo crashed. On restart there was no .bak file of a recent autosave. Autosave is set on my system for every 5 minutes. I’m back to where I started

Anyone else seen this? Windows 11 Nuendo 12.0.40

This most likely means that Nuendo has already “crashed” silently, i.e. certain parts weren’t working properly any longer, but the remaining tasks were still alive. Happens every now and then, although I have seen this issue more frequently in the earlier days of this app.

Workaround: Save manually more often - ideally using Nuendo’s “incremental save”, to avoid data errors destroying a single version of your project.

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yeah I had this - extremely frustrating. I got it working again by going into preferences, unchecking/rechecking autosave, or changing the frequency (or both) and then it started working again.

I’ve seen other complaints about autosave randomly stopping…

I have described my paranoia on this subject elsewhere:

Sometimes Nuendo crashes and then saves a 0 KB file. (Never understood why this still works then. :crazy_face:) Have Nuendo set to create multiple back-up (.bak) files in every case. (I set the value to 20. Then I can be sure not to lose the whole project.)

The same on Cubase 12 and 13

Yep happens on Cubase frequently. The best bug!!! Tends to correspond with automation system breaking and undo breaking though, so I get warning signs.

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