Avid Scripting SDK is about to be released. When will nuendo join the SDK

Avid has released the Scripting SDK, but there are too few scripts for nuendo,SoundFlow makes protools more and more useful. Does nuendo have the same script tool

A scripting engine inside Nuendo and Cubase would be very useful, both for app automation and for pipeline stuff.

Might be worth starting a thread where users ask for ways to accomplish different things and then see if there are solutions to it. I’m guessing there will be cases where there are ways of going about things using macros and the PLE. Add an Avid Control app on phone or tablet to that and we have even more ability to do things.

Out of curiosity, what are you guys looking to do, specifically? I’d love some examples.

First thing that comes to mind: Creating better ways to work with metadata (similar to reaper and their scripting)! Aaron Cendans awesome work
I also talked to dev of Kraken Dialogue Editors Toolkit who wanted to know more but did not want start asking questions on forums (i don’t blame him).

Well, I mean I understand the words “metadata” and “better”, but I don’t really know what it is you want to do. Know what I mean? Might be good to give examples. Although I suppose it doesn’t matter if the thread topic is that Nuendo should have an SDK for people to write commands for.

What’s with the tone? Did you have a look at the link i posted? Ok let me explain it for you.
That script allows one to add metadata to files on your timeline within Reaper and easily rename cycle markers (formula based) , from the outside. Would love to be able to do that.
Or did you expect me to write some code here? :wink:
If you want responses, maybe next time set out the rules of how we can respond.

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Ok i already regret my own response. But i certainly felt some snarkyness in your response. If you did not have enough info you could have just said that in a matter of fact tone. Or am i simply mistaking your message?

Yes, you are mistaken.

Ok my apologies then.
Have you had a look at the link and do you know get what i’m trying to explain?
An API would make that sort of thing possible without steinberg putting a team on these kind of ideas.

I did look at the link, but honestly I found it so broad at the beginning that I read only a couple of paragraphs and didn’t really feel I got a sense of a specific use-case. I don’t have time to read through the entire page so I felt it was easier to ask users here to put it in simple, concise terms what they want to do that Nuendo currently can’t do.

Well i did not get that from your first response hence my response (albeit mistaken).
I think i’ve explained it well enough now, nuendo needs a metadata update in general and an api can help with that. If you don’t see that or don’t need it, i’m at a loss for words trying to explain it or we don’t agree, all good.


When I am mixing (TV) I want to have specific windows open (four meters, video, automation) and want all folders closed except for music tracks, groups and VCAs - and for exporting deliverables again specific windows (markers, audio connections etc.), all folders closed, and in both cases my Eucontrol on the tablet to switch to a specific page. Using workspaces, the PLE and macros along with macros on the tablet this is now a one-touch switch whereas before it took more time.

I’m imagining that it could be things along those lines that a scripting SDK could help out with - my question earlier was just for examples like the one I just gave and I asked for it just so we could see if there possibly were other ways of achieving our goals without the SDK / third party software utilities.

Hence the specificity. I don’t oppose a scripting SDK. I’m in favor of it. I just wanted to make sure that if people have things they want to do more easily other people can share if they have found a way to get it done.

I think we had something like this with a ‘fake’ VCA-spill (using the s1) earlier.

Apart from the fact that a scripting SDK would make for much more powerful automation compared with the current macros, it might very well become a real differentiator.

If the ProTools SDK catches on and studios develop workflows with it, it would be very very hard to replace it with something else.

Haven’t looked into the specifics of this Avid SDK, but Nuendo does have several SDK’s for third party developers.
Just as an example, Soundsinsync (Ediload/Edicue) and The Cargo Cult (Matchbox) are using an SDK for exchanging all kinds of info in- and out of Nuendo.
In Edicue, you can change/Modify all the Markertracks and vice versa.

Again, haven’t looked into the specifics of the Avid SDK, it might be something completely different.


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What is it?
The Pro Tools Scripting SDK is an open, language independent API that gives you access to control Pro Tools to perform tasks automatically. You can open, close, save your session, query the open session, export in various formats, perform several functions on the timeline, use “get” commands to find out about clips, playback state and so on, and use “set” commands to perform writable actions to the open session. You can create apps in any language, so if you’re more comfortable in Python than C++, you can quickly get up and running. The API is included in both Windows and Mac versions of Pro Tools, so you can create solutions that suit anyone using Pro Tools, on either operating system.

Am I understanding correctly that the Avid Scripting SDK could allow scripting similar to like what’s available in Reaper? There are thousands and thousands of Reaper scripts and some of them are absolutely incredible - will this Avid SDK allow that type of scripting? Or is this sort of something else

I’m not certain but it certainly seems so. If it supports LUA it will be easy enough to port reaper scripts to PT. Let’s hope SB is also working on this, because Avid is probably taking the cake from Reaper (very much like Apple does with other things).
I remember the introduction of PT Folders and seeing that Avid really nailed that, simply by looking at competitors and improving upon that. I can’t imagine they aren’t aiming for the same thing with their SDK/API/scripting.

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Also interesting:


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So, sort of “Automator” in Apple, which was around for years, and you could automate several apps to work together? Cool.

I also tried writing scripts for nuendo using chatgtp, but unfortunately, nuendo did not leave a corresponding interface。But Adobe has fully embraced AI, and AVID has also come a long way on the road to AI. Steinberg’s interest in AI and chatgtp seems to be not very high