Awful Noises and Bizzare Events


tried posting about this earlier in the week and my post has not shown. So, I keep hearing these awful bursts of clangorous noise. It’s ridiculously loud, even at low monitoring levels. Shrieks of it that make you rip your headphones off for fear that you will lose your hearing. At the moment it seems to happen nearly every time I hit the stop button. The other day, it seemed to happen randomly and - whether related or not - at one point I was unable to see or accerss most of the media bay loops & samples. Today, it is accompanioed by random switching on of the record function, when I’m simply trying to playback. Anybody help with this. This is not the first major issue I’ve had since purchasing Pro 10 and they are still partially unresolved despite lots of support assistance and myriad emails. I also get a error message on launch: “Some content could not be loaded. Either licences are missing, or trial licenses have expired. REverence Post”. Does anyone have any ideas, or experience of similar, before I go banging again at the doors of Support?

Thank you


Could you please detail your DAW set-up? That information may be placed in your “Signature” on your Profile. It will make it easier for others to help answer the question.

The only time I’ve heard anything like this is from the Mystic instrument which sometimes goes bonkers and starts screaming like that.

One of the most common generic fixes for problems of all sorts to to re-set Cubase Preferences.

Yes, here you go:)

Hi People, apologies for not replying back in September, and thank you for your input and help. The issue no longer seems to be present, but I did upgrade to 10.5 a while back, so maybe that cured it.

Thank you

I have also had this issue, I will be working away at a project, and BAM this horrendous loud noise, so loud I was worried I hurt my ears or worse, my headphones, extremely irritating and concerning, it has happened twice in the last few days, and right after it will give me an error message, I can not remember the message, but both times it has happened It was after loading in the stl tones will putney pack, all of which were purchased and licensed.