AXR4T Thunderbolt and Big Sur


Any ETA on the AXR4T thunderbolt drivers updated for Mac Os Big Sur? Why has there been such a delay in delivering drivers for such a new interface?

Thank you,
David Bendayan.

Bought an AXR4T in December, a Mac Mini M1 in January. Still useless after six months…

It’s very abnormal for a company that respects itself and it’s development efforts to go about, design and implement hardware and then just neglect it’s efforts all together.

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Still no news…

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This is me doing a session. Had to rack up my old Mac from 2007 and the MR816. The AXR4T and the Mac Mini in the background making no sound. Of course everything is done in GarageBand since the e-licenser wouldn’t work. Steinberg… I hate you now…

I feel you. I have no idea whats keeping them from releasing the thunderbolt update. Also, I have a notion 32 bit audio support will be broken for Big Sur.

32 bit audio is not the same as 32 bit software. Is that what you are referring to? Apple already ditched support for 32 bit software in Catalina and 32 bit recording is working. Completely different.

Hi, I will clarify.

Not talking at all about applications. 32 bit application support was dropped in Catalina onwards and only 64 bit software is allowed. I am talking about 32 bit non floating point BIT RATE support. There are two main drivers for AXR4 - normal and high precision. Only Steinberg products allow access to 32 bit non floating point bit rate support and this is accessed via the High Precision driver only. Part of the marketing campaign of the AXR4 was the use of 32 bit bit rate - a whole deal was made about it, and now I think in Big Sur it will not work at least not according to the Steinberg compatibility document - they noted they need to talk to Apple about it, but I have yet seen any update on this and fear it is neglected all together.

I see that Steinberg hardly ever participates in this forum, and the lack of discussion and support is problematic to say the least. Also, I have posted a question in the forum asking people who have the USB version of AXR4 to see if with the new updated Big Sur drivers the High Precision driver works or not. No answers as of yet.

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Can someone from Steinberg tell me if the AXR4T is EVER gonna be compatible with my Mac M1 and Big Sur? I’m selling my totally unused AXR4 soon now.

How sad having such a good sound card and not being able to use it with big sur and a mini mac M1 because even after 7 months they are not able to update it. An appeal to those responsible is never possible that it takes so long that you have only upgraded the USB card and AXRT Thunderbolt not yet ?if I were in your place I would be very ashamed if Steinberg who has the responsibility is unable to ask the employees to have him update to make sure the new Mac is compatible then we are in very bad shape .I hope this complaint of mine gives a jolt of pride to those in charge of doing something. Good day. Tullio

I too am disappointed with this. Given the interface marketing, as you say, makes this an attractive feature on their “top of line” interface. Takes me back to the same Steinberg debacle on the previous high end MR816 interfaces where monitoring across multiple interfaces never worked as originally promoted.

My experience is support for the lower numbers of high end users is extremely poor. Found this also with the Portico plugins where they failed to work in Catalina and despite pursuing could get no response for months on whether a fix was ever going to be possible, so eventually sold, subsequently a fix appeared.

All we want is feedback on progress to assist our own work planning and budgets.

These things destroy customer relationships but it appears it’s not a high support priority unless the product produces high sales for Steinberg.

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I am very sorry for the silence on this pressing matter! I can understand your frustration, as you have invested a signification amount of money and have every right to demand information.

While there will still be an official statement on the further releases for AXR4T, I can already reveal that we plan to release the TOOLS V1.2.2 (with YSTBT Driver V1.1.1/2.1.2) at the end of October.
The TOOLS V1.2.2 supports macOS 10.13-15 and macOS 11 (Intel) with YSTBT Driver V1.1.1 and at the same time, supports macOS 11 (Rosetta 2) using YSTBT Driver V2.1.2.

Now, while some may doubt that we have even heard of macOS 12 (Monterey) given the current delays, I can assure you that we test with the beta releases for macOS 12 as well already. Therefore, compatibility for macOS 12 should come significantly earlier this time.

32-bit integer support: this is still being evaluated and will most likely be part of the official statement mentioned above.


Being that I purchased a $3,000 worthless POS paper weight can you send me a interface that actually works with Big Sur in the interim? I’d appreciate it.

Well at least there has been an update. Given the prior silence, I believe most would welcome the communication. Feel for all the M1 users who purchased the interface believing that the product would work out of the box (a natural assumption). I agree that this is totally unacceptable.

@Ed_Doll - As a Windows user, will there be a corresponding update to coincide with Windows 11? Also do you know if there is going to be a DspMixFx remote bridge for the AXR4 (as is already available for the $200 UR22c)? I asked this some time ago but received no response.

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Thanks for the update Ed. So just to double check what you are saying is that the next release at the end of October will work with M1 Macs through Rosetta? Great news if so. I assume a native version will follow later. Thanks.

Off topic but tests for Win 11 are being conducted as well. As usual, compatibility seems to be given or rather easy to achieve in comparison. There will also be software and feature updates for the AXR on both platforms. But first things first.

Indeed, the October update will bring M1 compatibility.

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Hello Ed,

Thank you for the update.

I think it is imperative that Steinberg invest in it’s pro consumers, otherwise really there is not much where to go. I understand that AXR4’s don’t sell as much as other low end consumer products, since it is a niche market. But it is even more so imperative that Steinberg invest in this market, because this in essence is the market that drives the whole business forward both in the innovation aspects of things and also in a consumer-selling sense.

The more I use the AXR4 the more I realize it’s a top notch product, and I am happy to see that you are invested in this platform. I look forward to further essential feature development for the product as well as the necessary compatibility OS releases.

When will you guys release an official statement?

David Bendayan


Ed - your responses regarding updates are appreciated. I realise it’s hard to communicate when nothing’s being done, but if stuff is on the horizon, most of us will be itching to hear whatever you’re able to share.

I’m also with David Bendayan regarding the need to prioritise pro users. I understand you’re likely just the messenger having to deal with us, in lieu of the problems within the Steinberg/Yamaha working relationship, but it would be useful to feedback to them just how important support for flagship products is. Their reputations are on the line.

Case in point - aren’t features meant to seep down from flagships to the low end? Why is it the reverse here? It’s not a good look for the AXR4 to be missing features that the UR-C has. What use is the DspMixFX remote bridge going to be for most UR22c users anyway?

Whereas for AXR4 users needing convenient control of their $3000 interface away from the control room, this is unavailable. Ed - please tell them to get their act together!

Maybe you already have, and these conversations are already being had. I certainly hope so. Something really needs to be done.


October? October!!!

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