Bach Keyboard Projects

Hi All - I was looking for some Dorico projects already created for Bach keyboard music such as The Well-Tempered Clavier or the Goldberg Variations. I saw some references to a thread of examples with Goldberg Variation files in the forums, but since the new forum changes the links seem to be broken and I can’t find them with search either.

If anyone could post a link to the Goldberg files I’d be most grateful. Any other projects for the Well-Tempered Clavier scores would be ideal.

I have MIDI files for the 48 but I suspect the task of converting these to something readable would take longer than entering the pieces by hand from a printed score. (I will do this for selected pieces if all else fails…)

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You may be able to download MusicXML versions of various Bach works from I believe you might need a (paid) membership to that site to download MusicXML versions, but perhaps that will be worth it to you versus the time investment of inputting the music yourself.

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That’s a laudable effort, Mike! I remember contributing to the Goldberg Variation thread you mention and I still happen to have those files, consisting of the aria and the first five variations, which were all created in v. 1. I just converted them to version 3.5.10 and am including them here. I haven’t updated the Engraving Options, though.

BTW, I usually agree about conversion from MIDI files and preferring to enter the music myself but, depending on your import settings, Dorico can actually do this quite well. Looking back at these old files made me realise what Dorico v. 1 was already able to do. For example, take a look at variation 5. At the end of the first half there needs to be a transition to treble clef in the LH, but it applies only when continuing to the second half and not when repeating. Dorico cleverly and correctly places the cautionary clef after the repeat. The difficult note spacing due to the voices of the contrapuntal lines is also dealt well with by Dorico.
Goldberg aria.dorico (411.3 KB) Goldberg var 1.dorico (498.9 KB) Goldberg var 2.dorico (395.4 KB) Goldberg var 3.dorico (502.6 KB) Goldberg var 4.dorico (480.6 KB) Goldberg var 5.dorico (402.2 KB)


Many thanks for the replies, both. Very helpful. And lovely work on your scores, Vaughan.

Oops, they’re not all mine! And don’t forget, I may have updated the files, but they were made in Dorico v. 1. I had to enter some of those ornaments as Shift-X text. Also, I was still very inexperienced with Dorico at the time, so the results say more about Dorico than about me!

If anyone does go through the Engrave options, please upload the results!

By the way, I checked Daniel’s suggestion about Musescore, and the OpenWTC Music XML files for the Well-Tempered Clavier load into Dorico with no problem.

Do you need a subscription to be able to download them?

Hi Vaughan You do, but you can also get a 30 day free trial (seems to be an either/or for the free trial or the current Xmas discount, though).