Backward compatibility with 6.5 Artist

I guess this is common from a trawl of the posts. I had a system crash with version 3 and cannot reinstall from discs.

I am told I can download 3SX from the FTP as I have 6.5 Artist. I try download on the system with Artist installed and it tells me there is some other process running the “interferes”. I cannot get around this. One suggestion I saw is to uninstall the elicencer and then reinstall it after installing the 3SX. I am too worried about losing everything to try this (someone else installed it all for me…).

If I try install the 3SX on another PC it does not recognise the dongle. Emails to Steinberg produce zero answers and its helpline appears to be open a couple of hours a day. Anyone shed any light please?

You can download it, but you can´t run it - you need full Cubase 6 to run SX 3. With artist 6, you might be able to run SL 3.
Apart from that, it might surely be helpfuk to post the OS you´re trying to install on. V3 is WinXP only IIRC. Use the search there are some who installed it on Vist or 7 with workarounds.

Thanks for that thinkingcap. Op sys is Win 7. All latest as around a month ago. Real issue is being able to access midi files in old .all files from old cubase version. Oh and BTW 3SL does same message. Suspect is contention between two different licence guads but don’t know how to resolve.

AFAIK, it´s a problem with the elicenser software. There was a workaround “solution” posted from somewhere here in the forums.

Found it - maybe it helps…

Many mant thanks toThinkingcap, all worked, much appreciated,