.bak files do not auto save


  • Start new empty project, create new track (any type) record anything.
  • Save as Test.cpr file.
  • Preferences, General, enable auto save at 5 min interval.
  • Wait 5+ minutes, check .bak files has been created.
  • Close project.
  • Open the Test.bak file.
  • Edit the project in any way
  • Don’t save.
  • Wait 5+ minutes.

No new .bak file is created

Tested in Cubase Pro 10.5 ( and Nuendo 11 (

Open .bak file, immediately save as NewName.cpr

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As far as reporting, can you test using the latest Nuendo version (I think 11…0.41? Also note, C10.5 won’t be getting any updates.

Could reproduce it here on Cubase 12.0.40!