.bak files do not auto save


  • Start new empty project, create new track (any type) record anything.
  • Save as Test.cpr file.
  • Preferences, General, enable auto save at 5 min interval.
  • Wait 5+ minutes, check .bak files has been created.
  • Close project.
  • Open the Test.bak file.
  • Edit the project in any way
  • Don’t save.
  • Wait 5+ minutes.

No new .bak file is created

Tested in Cubase Pro 10.5 ( and Nuendo 11 (

Open .bak file, immediately save as NewName.cpr

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As far as reporting, can you test using the latest Nuendo version (I think 11…0.41? Also note, C10.5 won’t be getting any updates.

Could reproduce it here on Cubase 12.0.40!

GRRRRRREAT! I just found out (thanks to a crash) that three WEEKS of work, and some pretty good ideas are gone forever thanks to this! Should not be possible! Disaster!

How was it possible that can you lost weeks of work?

I don’t understand the logic behind wanting .bak files to be automatically backed up. Does any software do this? Not just DAWs? I’ve always assumed that such files are not supposed to be worked with, but to be saved under a new name.

That just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Are you saying you worked on a project for three weeks straight without doing any user induced saves? Never closed Cubase? Never turned off your computer? I’ve stayed up for two or three days in my younger years, but two or three WEEKS?!? Damn, "crank"in’ it out, I guess! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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