.bak files


Is there any way to automatically put .bak files into their own folder? I hate having hundreds of .bak files messing up my project folder.


According to page 59 of the manual: All backup files are saved in the project folder.

There may be a way to do it, but I’m not aware of it.

Putting the bak files in another folder would defeat their purpose. You can fire up different versions of your project by double clicking on them. If they were not in the correct project folder the link would be gone. I think it is pointless to worry about them messing up the look of your project folder when they offer you the capacity to go back into your project at a different time.They have saved my bacon on a few occasions.

The backup feature could be improved, indeed.

Like jamusic, I would love the option to keep all backups in a folder.
It would be cool if we had the option to keep the last backup of each day we worked on a project, so that one could go back 3 days in time.
I know this is all possible by intelligent scripting, but why should not Steinberg address this?


When they clog up my folder to much i select them in one go, and move them to a folder ‘old backups’ in the project folder. I can live with it and I’m happy they are there.
Personally I get hurt more by the fact that sometimes there’s no autobackup at all, while I’ve set it to seven minutes.
This one time it cost me 1:45 hours of work, -crash - and then there was no autobackup. I do a lot of manual saves now, increasing version numbers a lot.