Feature Request: Back Up Folder for .bak files

Please make a Backup Folder in your Project folder and have all backups go in that folder. Its So annoying having tons of .bak files in the same folder as my project file. I know you can do this. If you were able to make an automatic mixdown folder appear you can make an automatic backup folder appear. No one likes seeing tons of .bak files next to their regular session files.

Please Steinberg, people have been asking for this for quite a while. Here are some other requests for a backup folder - oldest one dating back to 2012


Yeah! Great topic! Steinberg added a MixDown folder not too many versions ago. They can do it for backups to.


+1 for this as well. Especially because when you open a project, it doesn’t even load right away since it detects a backup file in the folder. From here, I need to say that WOULD NOT rather open the backup file, and that I want to KEEP the backup file. Every. Single. Time. QUESTION: Am I the only one having to do this?