Bar numbers for alternative endings


I have a piece in which there are two alternative endings over the last five bars. These should have the following bar count:

  • Ending 1: 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
  • Ending 2: 27a, 28a, 29a, 30a, 31a
  • Ending 3: 27b, 28b, 29b, 30b, 31b

Is this possible with Dorico? I have tried a little with bar number changes, but have not been able to find a solution.


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I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible, or if it is, I can’t figure it out either, sorry! The ability to specify both the Primary and Subordinate either in the Add Bar Number Change or the Properties panel would make a good feature request. As of now I think it’s just one or the other.

In the meantime I suppose I would just add them as text if left-aligned, or perhaps as a custom line if centered.

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This is not currently possible natively. This was just being discussed yesterday:

It is possible, of course, using shift-x text, matched to your bar number font. It’s just a little manual work.