Basic FX Suite license

Hi. Need to find my Basic FX Suite license - bought URRT4 (May 04, 2022.) and recently exchanged it for the same unit. Where is my Basic FX Suite license? Thank you.

Normally it’s still in your Elicenser Control Center

It’s not dependent on whatever audio device you’re using. If you had the license previously, switching devices would have no effect.

Hi - Thanks for your reply. Might never have installed the activation code for Boris FX Suite License as I don’t use Cubase recording software on my PC. I use Reaper on my PC and Cubase 3 on my IPad. Currently downloading CUBASE AI 12.0.70 and all installs from Download Assistant

eLicenser - shows no Licenses (Wiped my eLicenser # for web display )

How does Steinberg give out the Boris FX License Activation Code?

  • Is the Activation Code in the box when you buy hardware ?
  • Is the Activation Code sent by Sweetwater?
  • Is the Activation Code sent by Steinberg email?


That license is unrelated to Cubase, btw. Its for the software versions of the built in dsp fx

Its part of Tools for UR

e software versions of the built in dsp fx - Its part of Tools for UR

Tools: dspMixFx UR-RT4 - works fine

Boris FX License Activation code - If it came in the box - can I get the same activation code again?


It’s on a piece of paper in the box.

it was on a piece of paper - which I don’t have now

  • Asked Sweetwater where I bought it and
  • Steinberg by email -

My unit has a SN - you would think my UNIT ID and SN ought to allow me to get the same activation code online. Amazing.

I wonder if my responses are appearing in this thread?

yes they are - Thank you

Steve - I opened the return box that came back from Steinberg with the exchanged URRT4
Packed in with the user manual - good to open the plastic & read the manual!!!

Basic FX Suite Activation Code
Cubase AI License Access Code
Scanned cards with codes and filed all in in my PC!!
Downloading Cubase LE + Cubase AI software now

Thank you so much!!!