Beat Aent visible: Acoustic Agent missing GA SE4?

I have groove agent SE 4. I do not have hardware device to trigger pads, I am doing it with a mouse at this time. In the PDF manual it says that it is supposed to come with Beat Agent SE and Acoustic Agent SE. But in the edit display section I only see the Beat Agent. In the videos I have watched both appear in this section. How do I switch (or even find) the Acoustic Agent, and how do I load it. Also, does anyone have a link to a GOOD You Tube Video series on Groove Agent. I have been told “Read the PDF manual” but much of the lingo they use is foreign to me so making sense of it is very difficult. Many of the videos I watch are designed to show off what groove agent can do and not how to use it. I am looking for a video that explains the BASIC of what is shown on the main GA page and what the buttons functions are. I have been able to load a sample drum loop and hold down the button to hear it and I have been able to drag and drop it into a cubase track. but I have not been able to hit record on cubase and hit pads as it is actively recording. Kind of random dialogue, but I am looking for some direction. Thanks.

The so far released version of GA SE4 doesn’t have the Acoutsic Agent…we’re awaiting a solution to the problem

See here: