Beat Calculator Improvements

Beat Calculator needs some love. Please improve the GUI and add some features to it. it should be able to dock to the transport bar. Way too many clicks just to tap a tempo in when you are in a session. In Ableton and pro tools, you can tap tempo with a key command! Huge creative suck not to be able to do that.

Beat calculator should be able to read clicks, keyboard input, midi information, AND Audio Information like Ableton. If you are going to open a whole separate window to do this it should be powerful.

And then add a basic beat calculator to the transport bar/metronome bar area.

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I agree. Definitely one of cubases clunkiest bits of feature implementation relative to other DAWs. Lots of pointless footery clicks to set a tempo. And as for the GUI hangovers? I know aesthetics isnt the most important thing in the world, but must be kinda embarassing for the steinberg team to still have ugly win95 stuff like that pop up in their flagship software in 2022? The mixed GUI thing is just getting plain weird its dragged so long. Maybe they’ll keep it so long it’ll come back round into fashion in 2030 :slight_smile:

The way Ableton captures midi, is one of killer features that any DAW could have. That’s why I can’t stop using Ableton. When I play a melody in Ableton, Midi Capture function really captures the exact melody how I played. Cubase can’t do that with retrospective recording. I would like Steinberg improve this too.

I’m not sure if anyone from Steinberg reads this forum. But I had a potential Idea about this that I think is a revelation.

Perhaps the beat calculator window is wholly unnecessary. Could you add these features directly in the Tempo Track and/or the Tempo Edit window?

We want to be able to tap a tempo on mouse, keyboard, MIDI, or audio and have the tempo track round to the closest feasible number and just set the whole project tempo track up. In the fewest clicks/windows as possible.

That way if I’m in a songwriting session and someone is playing and I need to set the tempo as close as possible it’s a really intuitive process to do that. I don’t think opening any extra windows or functions should be necessary for this.

Tap tempo would be nice to have right on the tempo track in the project window, or even on the inspector of the tempo track. Maybe even a button on the transport bar.

Let me know, I really hope Steinberg can work on this ASAP

Some of the features you request are available in the TEMPO DETECTION option. This actually extracts a tempo track from the analyzed audio.

But I admit, it doesn´t work too well, when the analyzed audio is not very rhythmic.

Tempo detection works when you already have recorded audio. I am talking about setting up the tempo of your project before anything is recorded. Like in a songwriting or production session.

On most daws there are a lot less windows to open up to do this than cubase. Ableton Live also can listen to a musician in real time and detect the tempo (before you even start recording). And it works pretty well.

Cubase does have various functions that can detect tempo of already recorded things. They are complicated to use but nonetheless are advanced features that not all DAWs have altogether! So you are right!