Beat calculator older version is good

Hi Team C13
Beat calculator is missing pls replace with the older version.



It’s not missing. It has been replaced by the Tap button on the Transport Panel, on the right side next to the Tempo field.

not enough:C13 is just killing my work flow
we need same features of beat calculator older version & if its already have pls provide tutorial.

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As a pro Mix engineer this is really turning stupid.
Most stems I get don’t have a BPM so I have to calculate on a daily basis. Now that tool is gone. Tapping with a mouse is not remotely precise. Please put it back most professionals use this tool. Is Cubase turning into some kind of toy?


I get this change is legit bad for some folks, and hopefully Cubase will add it back.

But the tool isn’t really gone gone - you could fire up C12 and use it there. While that isn’t a solution, it’s a pretty benign & simple workaround.

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Note that you can always assign a shortcut (by default it’s set to Shift+Space) to the tap tempo function.
Other than that, I do agree, I too don’t see a real reason to abandon the beat calculator, though at the same time I understand that the “tap tempo” was introduced to simplify things. I think that both types can just be there and users use what best fits their workflow :slight_smile:

As a side note, outside of this thread’s request, for users of the midi remote with devices with displays, I can provide a snippet for tapping/calculating tempo without necessarily applying it afterwards. I use it all the time, and actually find it more straightforward than opening two windows in a row, to tap tempo with a key, while I can do this more immediately and naturally with a pad or a dedicated button on my controller.

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I guess I’ll keep Cubase 12 as a fall back solution. Fingers crossed they will reimplement the old functions

That’s my default for when every new version is released. Old versions of Cubase only vanish when a new PC comes along.