Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update

The Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update is now available. With this maintenance update we are integrating many improvements and a long list of fixes and corrections in numerous areas of the application.

Release Notes

The update is now available for download via the Steinberg Download Assistant. Please make sure that you have installed the latest version: Find out more here.

With the release of 13.0.20, we also made the Cubase 13 trial available. As of now, Cubase Elements 13 and Cubase Pro 13 can be tested for free.


Dear Markus.

I have just downloaded the 13.0.20 Cubase update, restarted my comptuer as recommanded, and Cubase doesn’t launch. GUI error, cant find the “skin”…

Please help and have a nice day.

Dear Markus.
Sounds like a reinstallation (not from the Download Assistant) fixed the issue. Strange…
So far so good.

Have a nice day.


Cool thanks for the update.
Trying to download with the Download Assistant but seems to be dead.
(I am using the same internet connection to write this message)


Have you already updated to the latest version of the Steinberg Download Assistant?

You can find out more here:

Thank you @Markus_Staudt it works now after installing the update of the Download Assistant.
Generally it updates by itself, I imagine other ppl may end up with the same issue.

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can the new tap functionality behave like Beat calculator now ?
i need to measure tempo of loops with range tool like in Beat calculator that was removed in Cubendo 13 !
if not possible to measure tempo by range selection , please add it to tap tempo, or bring the beat calculator . Thanks

Thanks for the update but unfotunately nothing has changed regarding my graphic glitches described here :

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try this?

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Yes I did and I’m in the first category ( Intel GPUs) :

These glitches are rare on GPUs by Intel. If they occur, there is unfortunately no solution or workaround yet.

*I paid 100€ for this update, sorry but this is not an acceptable answer !
And this is not so rare, we are several here to have this problem.

I have no other choice to roll back to Cubase 12…


Not even going to bother risking it , no change in fader craps , i mean caps , no mention of Asio stability


Nice that i can read text on selected track when using bright selection, but would be good to have same behaviour for the icons, they are still white on grey, so it’s hard to read them

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 8.23.21 AM


My old key commands is now working again! Also love the fix on the track name. Thanks for always listening to our opinions Steinberg! :raised_hands:


Correct me if I’m wrong here the Tap hasn’t got calculate tempo from Selection?
Such a simple and effective tool gone?
Tap is still pretty much useless for any precise tempo calculation.
I would love to hear the argument for removing it?


Auto Tune, als ARA wird nicht erkannt…

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yeah u r right the icons i wish in next maintenance update they inverted (to black),


Ă·1 for me.

SOLVED Hang on “Initializing Sampler Track.dll”
I’m posting as a reply here, hope that’s right. Just installed 13.0.20 hoping it would fix the crashes I’m getting opening various CB12 projects. Rebooted as requested.
But maybe I screwed up, because I did the 13.0.20 install immediately after a crash on such a project. Now CB13 Pro gives me the “I crashed before” prompt and then hangs on the “Initializing: SamplerTrack.dll” message.
Didn’t expect this to help but tried disabling prefs and vsts to no avail. Also reinstalled 13.0.20 from D/L Assistant and that didn’t help. How can I pursue getting help on this? Thanks…

Windows 10 Pro
12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700K 3600Mhz, 12 cores

SOLUTION (I HOPE): I compared the “Components” folder between my installs of CB Pro 11, 12 and 13. The two earlier ones had a file called “Sampler Track.srf” that was missing from the CB13. I have a second machine with CB Pro 13 on it (not upgraded to 13.0.20). Got the srf file from there and copied it in. CB Pro 13 starts successfully now. CB Pro 13 still hangs on many CB12 projects…

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Great work with the text inversion for better clarity (colour dependant) - please can we do the same for the Rack text based on their colours too?

e.g. we can’t use bright rack colours because it’s difficult to see the text:
Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.11.05 am