Before Cubase 7 can we have a working 6?

Steinberg, before you contemplate releasing 7 on us and having the cheek to charge us again, can we have 6 working first please? If it’s not too much to ask…

I installed a vanilla version of Cubase 6.5 (with just the stock plug ins) and there were problems with it quitting (it hangs on exit)! And it was a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit.

This is wholly unacceptable so before you expect people to fork out again, perhaps you could give users what they paid for - a music program that at least works on a basic level.

For me Cubase 6.5 works really nice. No problems on closing Cubase 6.5.4. Waiting for the Grace Period Update to v7! :slight_smile:

By the way. Do you have Novation Automap installed? This causes often crash of Cubase on while exiting. But it is a Novation problem.

If this is true you really need SUPPORT and not a useless forum. Nothing like this is ever fixed via a forum. What you need is system advice.
It also doesn’t help to imply everyone has this problem as regular users and Steinberg employees know that is not the case and will likely (and I don’t blame them) just ignore this thread completely. Besides it just looks naff.

We think Cubase 6.5.4 is an extremly stable release.

However, to show our commitment to past versions even if newer major versions are available, we will release a final 6.5.5 in 2013. We did the same for Cubase 5.5 after the release of Cubase 6 and for Cubase 6 after the release of Cubase 6.5.

Helge, as you should know as a Steinberg/Yamaha employee, 6.54 is a pre-release.

It’s odd how Reason never crashes! Must be my system!

That usually indicates a poorly behaving VST. When your closed architecture application is stable. You should probably look at the open part of the system that isn’t.

C6 is rock solid for me. This includes 100+ track songs with dozens of plugins. I have a session open right now that’s been up continuously since last Wednesday. If you can leave an application running for 5 or 6 days while using it and swapping to other apps, that’s usually an indicator of a fairly stable application.

Cubase 6.5 has been running great for me too. I used to get hangs on exit when I had some freeware type VST plugins and I had a Fast Track Pro. I got rid of the free plug-ins and now use a Scarlett 2i2 and Cubase has been rock solid every since (knock on wood). Too often I see people having problems and “waiting for the next update” to fix it. They would do better to own up to the possibility that it may be something else causing the problems.

I must say, I’m inclined to agree with Tech-dance.

Cubase has always been slow to close but 6.5.4 has brought a lot of freezing. It’s getting really bad too and I’m thinking of rolling back.

Reassuring that there will be another ‘fix’ but I can’t wait until next year.

I agree with you in principle jaslan. However, as I originally stated I was having exit problems on a clean system.

Again, I would be looking at your VSTs and/or some controller driver. I highly doubt there was anything in the .4 that rolling back will solve.

I’m not saying you don’t have problems by the way. During the C5 era, I had major problems. So, I understand the frustration. However, it turned out to be my motherboard. I swapped that out based on a suggestion from a friend and all of the sudden all my problems went away.

Do you remember all the complaint threads about C6 hanging on exit? Turned out to be a handful of plugs and keyboard mapping driver problems.

So again, its easy to blame Cubase because it is the “application” that is running. But, you may want to look at some of the things you are using in conjunction with Cubase. You might figure out how to be stable like the majority of us.

Cubase 6.5.4 is very stable here.

I think it is impossible for a complex software (like a DAW) be completely stable and absolutly free of any kind of problem for 100% of users. Every user have a particular and almost unique system (different hardware, configurations, drivers, installed softwares… and so on).

Sometimes it is hard to track down the source of a bug.

Not all programs or DAWs do the same things to the system. Like two houses next door to each other won’t be the same. It’s fairly useless to complain that app A runs fine but app B sucks. I can see the logic and have been there myself but Cubase and Reason, as one example, will be vastly different if they both use different compiling software and probably if they use the same software. Two artists standing next to each other rarely paint the same picture.
So I’d say; yes. It must be your system.
Have you any other studios or friends nearby who use Cubase to get a hands on perspective. Much, much easier than trying to fix from a forum.

The Windows Calculator also never crashes. Nor Wordpad, or the clock gadget. :mrgreen:

C6 is extremely stable for me as well.

So what is your system? (hardware)


Cubase 6.0.7 (not 6.5) has never been stable for me despite repeated clean installs. Crash on exit and “stopped working” during recording make this a very disappointing investment. Cubase support on this forum has failed to truly troubleshoot and resolve issues and I feel quite helpless. It seems that it is too easy for Steinberg to point the finger at Microsoft (5.1 codec issue) or Novation (Automap issue) rather than working with these vendors to determine the root cause and develop a solution. It is not just a product but an eco-system and unless the players work together it is up to us poor users to sort out.

An upgrade to Cubase 7? Why would I since there is no indication it will be any better. Regretably Steinberg has no credibility with me.

But remember that this forum is not an official support channel. Here we have users helping each others, and sometimes a Steinberg employee joins the boat.

You can give Cubase 7 a try, running a demo to see how it works (or not) on your system.

So 6.0.7 is the definite last version of C6 :question:

I’ve had issues ever since I purchased Cubase 6x so I can’t imagine ever upgrading. Maybe when I upgrade my computer in a couple of years I’ll find out it was my system. That’s highly unlikely.

By the time I upgrade my computer again the latest components won’t be compatible with Cubase 6.5 so it will be time to do a software upgrade and I can’t imagine forgiving Steinberg support for their dismissive attitude during our recent time on the phone. It will all be a moot point by the time I would be forced to upgrade software due to hardware upgrades because it’s so unlikely I’ll go with Steinberg again.

Considering it’s origins, I could see going to Studio One perhaps; I really think my relationship with Steinberg ends with Cubase 6.5. We had a good 19 year run but the Steinberg of 2012 is most certainly not the Steinberg I did business with in 1993 or even 2001. Steinberg’s current crop of employees is an embarrassment to the representatives I had the pleasure of working with in the past whilst successfully laboring together to troubleshoot various problems.