Behringer X Touch Controller

Hi All,
Has anyone tried this with Cubase 9.5? Wondering about any downsides.


I’m using the X-touch - it’s an awesome controller, no downsides. Just add it as a Mackie MCU controller to your studio setup and you’re good to go. Be sure to look in the remote controllers manual, there’s a ton of information there.

Awesome! Thanks for the hit SuperG! I also like that it’s expandable. They make an expander for it but I’m more inclined to get the X Touch Compact to expand it because it’s much cheaper.
Do you find that all the controls work with Cubase?

Yes, the controls all work. I’m finding that Cubase’s implementation of mackie control is a lot nicer than Sonar’s - that surprised me. I find the ability to switch between midi, audio and group tracks right on the controller to be indispensable. Gain staging isn’t the PIA it used to be, fader automation, write enables are all well thought out. If you can swing it though, go for the full unit, those extra buttons enable a lot of features.

I’m too looking longingly at getting the extender. I get by with eight faders, but it would cut down on bank-paging if I had sixteen.

Good to know it’s all functional.
I am getting the full unit. I only mention the Compact version because I want to use that to extend rather than using the Extender because it’s cheaper.

I have one, and it works great with only two downsides. The “forward” and “reverse” transport buttons do not move the cursor according to the snap settings (I’d love it to only move in increments of gridlines, depending on how far I’m zoomed in), nor does the jog/scrub wheel.

The wheel also moves in tiny increments which I find infuriating, as I end up scrolling for ages to get it to move where I want it. I notice that it doesn’t do this in other DAWs (I’ve tried the Xtouch with Studio One, Sonar on Windows, and Logic) In the end, I largely just gave up on those functions. Otherwise, it’s a great unit.

Do any of the above posters have a fix for my two transport-related issues ? I’ve looked at everything obvious in the Cubase settings but nothing I’ve tried there has made any difference so far.

Here’s a downside:

i haven’t used it too much, but when i did, this is what happened:

Imagine you use a motorized fader to record some automation. You then play back and the fader moves on it’s own according to that written automation.

Ok, you want to tweak the automation, so you grab the fader as it’s moving in “takeover” mode and move it some more. Now, at that point Cubase ignores (deletes) the written automation and starts writing your new automation as you move the fader.

BUT: the problem is that the new automation doesn’t start smoothly at the level where the old automation stopped and the new write began. There’s a jump in automation, like the fader isn’t calibrated properly, so, for example if the fader is 35mm up from the bottom it’ll write a value of 60, but next time it’s in the same position it writes 70. So you get these jumps in the automation.
Sure you can go into Cubase and manually smooth it after the fact, but that kinda sucks as this thing is supposed to be improving workflow.

It could be that i’ve got a dud or there’s some way to calibrate it, but here’s the other good news:


Really! I emailed Behringer about it and they said tuff luck, that’s the way it is.

The X-Touch is cheap, and i fear that it promises just a little too much for what is actually realistic at that price point (but no manual??)

Thanks for the heads up.

For the record, SuperG says there’s a ton of info in the remote controllers manual? Might want to check that out.

I’m wondering if that’s more of Cubase’s protocol with controllers. I had been using the Tascam FW-1082 and had the same issues.
Because I used the controller, I never checked to see if the virtual control in Cubase did the same?
If I needed to make a quick horizontal scroll, I would just press “shift” and use the mouse scroll wheel. That works great.
Pressing “control” and using the mouse wheel executes a great zoom in/zoom out. Just a quick fix for what may not work on the X Touch.

I think it’s safe to point out to everyone that issues and personal peccadillos pointed out here have nothing to do with the X-touch, and are intrinsic to Cubase’s controller implementation. Things like fader jumps are normal behavior in any Daw - naturally, if your automation lane jumps, so goes the fader.

Read my post again carefully. In what sense is it “safe to point out”?
You’ve just made a blanket statement that it’s the DAW at fault, but what evidence can you offer to back up this claim? Have you tested it in the exact way that i describe?

What i describe can’t automatically be blamed on the DAW. Maybe it is a problem with the DAW, or maybe with the X-Touch.

As i said, maybe my X-Touch is faulty, but i don’t know that for sure as it’s a sample based on a grand total of 1.

I’d advise the OP to get one to test before plunking down his cash.

Does the main LCD screen not work in Cubase? None of the videos I saw had it working.

Both LCDs work fine in Cubase

Thank you Jimzepellin. Just to make sure, I was referring to the Bars/Beats/Time Division LCD - does that work for you? That wasn’t working in any video I saw, and one guy said he wasn’t able to make it in Cubase.

Thank you.

It does work, but it didn’t in the initial firmware. But they later fixed the issue. It was working out of the box for me though as it had already had a more recent firmware at the factory.

Makes sense. Thank you.

That would be nice but I have to replace a failing unit and don’t have time to return something that may not have worked with Cubase.
You and others have given me a good idea what to expect so I feel safe enough to trust this purchase for my needs. The X Touch has more features than my 1082 and from what I have read, covers the features that I currently work with. Can only be a plus.

I’d love to test one as well, but I’ve never actually seen one in person…

If you purchase one from Sweetwater, you get 30 trial. Chances are you won’t get that option from a brick and mortar shop.

I may end up doing that, thank you. I went to 6 different music stores in the Atlanta area this weekend, and saw a grand total of one hobbyist control surface - a Faderport 8.