Behringer X-Touch One Remote


I sent you the Private Message. Thank you.

Hello Martin,

May I ask try out a version? I’ve got a couple of X-touches here and forever messing with hybrid solutions that never quite do it all and really appreciate any development someone can lend to this - you’re a legend.


I sent you Private Message. Thank you.

@Martin.Jirsak I realise the X-Touch One is only 1 channel but wondered if your Midi Remote code is honoring Track Visibility in CB 12.0.50?
That is if you make the track it’s on not visible does the Midi Remote update the track.
IF so please send code as my Icon Platform M+ midi remote is no longer doing this and since I have my code on version control I know it’s the same version as was working. The only thing I can see has changed is CB 12.0.50. Currently I intend on rolling back to 12.0.40 to check but figured I’d touch base with you scripting (also looks like CB 12.0.51 should be avoided for midi remote users)

That’s awesome - it’s the missing docs for Ctrl Mode!
Most if it is in the Extender user guide, but that doesn’t document the LED display. I’ve got everything working on my XTouch Universal except that display and this fixes it!

Note the 41 in the sysex header is the Device code and its different for different models, For Universal it needs to be 0x14.


I’m really confused. I was thinking the Mackie Mode is going to be in use.