Behringer X-Touch One Remote

Morning folks from not-so-sunny-Sydney,

Thanks to the arrival of the rather clever Midi-Remote function in Cubase 12 I’ve been wracking what brains I have left trying to solve the Behringer X-Touch One’s “Auto-Banking” dilemma which has previously been the topic of several discussions.

I do realise that it’s related to the Mackie codes(?) only working in groups of eight and I’ve been trying as many combinations I could think of when configuring Cubase’s remote control function with zero success.

If anyone has had any success I’d love to hear about it and I’ll even buy you a beer when you come “down under”

On a side note, WOW! Cubase sure has evolved since I had version 1 on my old Atari 1040ST!

Ahh, the 1040ST, I remember owning you!
Nostalgia over, back to the present.

The C12 midi-remote will work with auto banking using the makeMixerBankZone() function. I just got my icon platform m+ working this way with my script. It will work the same way with 1 channel vs 8 (or more presumably).

If you look in the midi remote API manual at the Next Device example the relevant code is shown.


The MIDI Remote API has nothing to do with Mackie Control Protocol.

I’m working at some Mackie Control Protocol based scripts already. If you are interested, we can discuss your case. Sorry, I didn’t get your point exactly so far. Could you explain it other way, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your kind offer, it’s appreciated.

Ok so now I’ll do my best to explain what’s happening. From what I have learned the Mackie protocol can only see 8 tracks / channels at a time.

Therefore, due to the Mackie protocol my X-Touch One only “sees” tracks in banks of 8 tracks or less.

By way of example, imagine I have a project with 21 tracks, and I have my X-Touch One connected. If I use my mouse so select any track from numbers 1 – 8 the X-Touch One will immediately adjust the powered slider and other controls to match the settings of that selected track.

If I then decide to work on track 9 and I select it with my mouse the X-Touch One does not respond unless I press the “bank forward” button. After doing this I can once again use my mouse to select any tracks from 9 – 16 and the X-Touch One will respond accordingly.

Should I wish to go back to work on track 6 I would need to press the “bank reverse” button as track 6 is in the previous bank of 8.

If I then want to work on track 19 I would need to press the “bank advance” button 3 times as track 19 would be in the 3rd bank.

You can imagine how tedious this becomes with bigger projects of 100 tracks upwards.

I hope I have explained it a little better and if you can offer a solution I’d be most grateful.



You could try my Icon Platform M+ midi remote script - Icon Platform M+ MIDI Remote - should work with any MCU based controller

You will need to change the MIDI port it looks up and alter the Fader count to 1 (hunt for an 8 in the script).
It’s MCU based and at least some of the functionality should work with the X Touch One.

It will autobank on select.


If you use the old Mackie Control device from the Studio > Studio Setup, the Mackie device doesn’t support the out-banking. MIDI Remote does suport it. So if you write your script properly, it should work.

I’m co-working on the Xtouch script. I believe Xtouch One is quite similar, so it should work with the script too. I will discuss, if I can share the script.

Hi Rob,
Thanks for that, I’ll give it a try later today when I get home from work. I have to say this whole scripting thing is beyond me, the chances of me writing anything from scratch would be about the same as my head turning into a cabbage!

Hi Martin,
What you have said now makes a lot of sense to me so I’ll try the Midi remote support instead along with Rob’s remote script he’s kindly offered.
Stay tuned!

Hi Martin! Was it possible to do autobanking for X Touch One?

Hi! Please tell me if there is any news with the scenario of the X Touch One?

got the same problem,I had try to make a X Touch one midi remote script in cubase。but so many times ,it can’t wrok with another MIDIkeybord together。the bank seleted highlight in the left, can auto working in the Cubase12 now, maybe we can look forward to it。

I just got an X-Touch One. It responds beautifully in Cubase 12 - tracks the location, the fader moves, everything - but whenever I try to control something with the fader, the fader moves back to its original position. I don’t have to bandwidth to work on it, it either works or not.

Are we waiting on an update from Cubase? Or Behringer?

@John_Whittaker - sure you got the automation Write setup the way you are expecting it to work?

Just noting that behaviour sounds like you have Read automation enabled but not Write and when you touch the fader it disables the motor then when you release will immediately return to the previously recorded position. There’s several ways the Write automation can be performed so perhaps re-check. Hmm, now that I think about it you should find moving the software fader on the screen returns to the same position if its not setup correctly (it’s not unlikely to be the controller). Another considertaion is the midi sent back to the X touch one - is it connected to the correct port - nope scratch that, you said it moves with the midi track so it is clearly connected correctly.
I have an Icon Platform M+ which uses the same MIdi controller messages as the X touch one and do not have any issues with midi remote - the same script would work so far as the fader is concerned with both controllers (I know I’ve looked at the midi remote scripts for both).

robw thanks for the help. It reallys is odd, messages to the X-Touch One seem to work perfectly - the position pointer, the fader responds, various LEDs are responsive, the track name shows up in the little LCD. But nothing works from the X-Touch One to Cubase - a move of the X-Touch One fader returns to its position after a second, bank switches, nothing. When I started messing around with MIDI remote editor, trying to use the learn function, nothing on the X-Touch one is sensed!

Not sure whether I am hijacking this thread (not my intention) by posting the following. Please let me know if I should start a new post instead.

Having gone through the pain of trying to get my X-Touch One working with Cubase Pro 12 (which I’m loving) on my Ryzen 5 3400G system (only firmware 1.1 works) I am wondering if I should set up a user template/profile on the X-Touch instead of using the X-Touch Cubase operation mode. For a start I don’t know how to edit that operation mode to get the F keys to work or to change what they currently do (which I don’t know). But also I was hoping there was some way to get the X-Touch’s footswitch to turn on recording. As you can probably tell I have very limited knowledge or understanding of editing the controller operations or even how to write or install scripts, Can anyone point me to where I can learn about this stuff and also find out exactly what CC’s or other messages are sent by the X-Touch for each of it’s buttons and how to edit them

Can anyone help me or point me in the direction where I can learn this stuff? Greatly appreciate and responses. Thanks

Just found the extensive information in the Cubase manual about setting up remote devices, scripting etc so it seems that most of my questions would be answered here (still reading and digesting it all). But I would still appreciate any thoughts or comments about my previous post that may help me especially concerning the X-Touch One. Thanks.

Hey Martin!
I was relieved to read that you are working on a script for the x-touch!
Is there any chance we can get a script for the x-touch one that does the autobanking?

I have absolutely no programming skills and the mackie protocol is so limited (although rock solid).
It would be amazing if we could have a way for the X-touch one to do autobanking and otherwise work as usual.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Thank you!

P.s.: out of curiosity, is it technically possible to implement the encoder in such a way that it controls the right side of a combined panner when pressed down?


Actually I was thinking there is the script already.

If not, I can work on it. I would need the specification.

Yes, it is possible. Not bad idea actually. :wink:

I haven’t found a script for it, though (for the X-touch One), but if there’s one I’d love to check it out!

What specifications do you need? I can get them for you.

And great about the panner thing! It would be a dream come true.

Thank you Martin!


I believe I can find the needed MIDI Messages the hardware sends out in the manual. So this shouldn’t be a deal.

So I would need to know, what would you expect to assign to the controls. How many pages, what should the device control at the pages?

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