Behringer X-Touch One Remote

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick response.
You made my day!

Step by step I am learning more about the API.
Be honest the documentation about the API has got some room for improvement :wink:

Thanks to the Steinberg community! Without you I was not able to make this run.

So current status

  • Time bar LEDs working
  • Display LED (upper and lower) working
  • Fader is working
  • vuMeter is working
  • Master Volume (mapped to the volume of the Control Room) working

Still open:
The previous and next buttons are useless because looks like that they are still in the “MCU bank mode”. That’s also the reason why the select button reacts as the select button.
I figure out how to enforce the next and previous channel buttons always sending the same CC values but the controller itself is switching.
So if one of you has an idea how to fix this you are welcome.
Otherwise I will let it as it is and recommend not to use these buttons.



Behringer_XTouchOne.midiremote (8.2 KB)

Hi all,

I fixed also the previous next button issue.

This is the last release of my script:
Behringer_XTouchOne.midiremote (8.2 KB)

The assignment looks like this:

Hope you can use it.

And now let’s make music, because that’s what we are here for :slight_smile:



Hi Maik,
Really a great work you have done. Here everything is working as expected except only the ‘Select’ and the ‘Channel’. Are they some how linked? If so, could you please fix it? Then it would be an absolute infallible script. Hope, you must fix that at least for us who have no idea about java scripting.
A sincere request to fix it, please.

Thanks & regards

Hi Kaushik,

Thank you for the positive response.
Regrettably it looks like that the select and prev. Channel button are synced by the firmware of the hardware. So this cannot be fixed with the JavaScript.



Hi Maik,

Thank for the information. Now let us look forward to the next upgraded firmware from Behringer.


Lots of info here re the X Touch One.
However, is it possible to assign the fader to cc11 expression and keep all other buttons and transport stock? Thanks in advance.


The script in

has automatic part switching for the faders. Is it possible to implement this for the One script?

Hi Charles,

That should be possible, more or less. You have just change the button assignement within the script. The habit with the select button will be still there because of the mcu mode.

Alternativly you can switch to the midi mode.
In that case the fader will work with a lower (128) resolution. Mcu Runs with a resolution of 1024. As far as I know the midi mode is also using different cc so that the script Must be er designed.


Just to clarify. If the fader will be touched the automation should change from read to write mode. Right?

No, when i choose a channel >8 the slider doesn’t work any more cause i have to switch the bank. If i understand it corectly the other script switches the bank automaticly

My script also switches the bank automatically. Please clarify that the Controller is using the latest firmware and running in mcu mode.


Thanks, Maik. I think I’ll just use the unit for the transport-record features and grab a two fader controller I’ve had my eye on for CC11. I appreciate your input. Take care.

Is it possible to use 2 controllers in Cubase. I’m thinking I could use the X Touch for transport functions and add an 8 slider non motorized controller for mixing. I appreciate any input on this, cheers.


I have not tested that but should be possible.
If I understand the system correctly.



Thanks kindly. I need to research more before I buy then. I appreciate all your advice, take care.

Hi, it looks that the four buttons beside automation are not working (bypass). Also undo and redo. Could you pls check it? Thanks

Hi, I checked the script.
It works as it should be / limited by the API.
The channel selecting is not limited.
The Uno / Redo buttons working as expected.
The “bypass” buttons beside the automation buttons working too.
Please keep in mind that the “bypass” buttons only working when the “Mixer” is in focus.
For the Undo / Redo and “bypass” buttons I am using key commands because the API is not supporting another option. Should come with a new release of the “Midi-Remote-API”.

Hope that helps.

Hi Maik,
Is it possible to make the jog wheel (the big rotary knob) to work as the mouse pointer AI knob in shift mode?

Hi Kaushik,

Yes that should be possible.
I am planning the optimize my script.
Do you have any further ideas about the commands / assignments in the default and for the shift mode?

Waiting for your input,


Hi Maik,
In default mode I have assigned ‘Fader Bank’ buttons for channel change and ‘Channel’ buttons for punch in/out. When going to shift mode by pressing ‘BPM/Time’ button the left Fader Bank’s light is getting on and never going off till a reboot.
The ‘Select’ button is somehow linked with 'Channel" button.
The ‘Assignment’ display remains all time off till it is re-configured.
The light of ‘Stop’ button never comes up.
Can you fix them?

Idea for the shift mode:

  1. Is it possible to assign F1, F2, F3, F4 to Send 1, Send 2, Send 3 & Send 4; F5 & F6 to Cue Send 1 & 2; rotary knob push to Pre & Post and rotary knob for gains?
  2. Is it possible to assign the Fader to control (increase/decrease) the velocities of the events in ‘MIDI Editor’ section?
  3. Is it possible to assign the colour of the channel display according to the selected channel of Cubase?