Behringer X-Touch One Remote

Hi Kaushik,

I have to check this the next days.
Some of your request (select button habit and display color) will work if I would use the Midi instead of the MCU mode.
By using the Midi mode the high resolution (16384. to 128 steps) of the fader would get lost.



Hi Maik,

Looking forward for your next script.

Thanks & regards

My version of this script.
Controls sends, QC, inserts, AIKnob and many other features.

To use with Mackie User Mode (All set as labels on the device)
Behringer_XTouchOne.midiremote (7.6 KB)
Device Setup Video

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I realised Sends. Scrub+F2 to enter send mode, bank buttons change slot. Try my script at post above. If you still need I can add Cue Send controls.

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I must try your script and will let you know.

Yeah, the bypass buttons are not working for me either. Did you ever find a fix?

Script is working well (except the 4 bypass buttons, but that doesn’t really matter to me). The only thing I’d like to figure out is when I open a project it, the x-touch one doesn’t do the autobank thing unless I use the channel buttons to first select the track. If I simply select the track with my mouse, it doesn’t see the channel, if I use the channel buttons, it does and then after that I can use the mouse to select the channel and it sees it. It’s like I have “load” the tracks using the channel button first by manually cycling through them first. Do you know a way around this? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for this script though, it really improves the X-touch one!

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Do you use it with Mackie custom mode?
I have no problems with auto banking, it perfect follow selection by mouse clicking on track etc. Do you remap next\prev channel buttons in xtouch settings? Tested with latest 12.0.7 and 13.0.10

I am using it in “U” mode on the X-touch. Is that correct? I checked the start guide but it doesn’t mention “Mackie custome mode”. What is it listed as on the X-touch. Thanks for the reply!

No, I didn’t remap any buttons, I’m just using the script as is.

I think you need to be in Mackie mode. I could be wrong though. ANyway it’s a simple thing to try.


What is the letter on the behringer, so I know I’m doing it right?

Do you see how everyone is using different names for what the mode is? The other guy says Mackie Custom mode, you’re saying Mackie mode. There are several Mackie modes and there is nothing in the start guide that uses the term “Mackie Custom mode”. I have tried several modes with varying results but haven’t found one that makes everything work correctly. I would like some clarification to know if I’m using the same one everyone else is. Where is this information provided in this thread?

using in MCU mode does not autobank correctly.

hey guys.
i just sold my console 1 and fader to buy the mk3 version…
being stuck without a fader to write automation i got myself the behringer AND this script.

thank you very much!



Setup video:

The control goes off and on display shows “Select Bank” if XTouch recieve midi signal from host with value 0 for adress 0x18

0x90, 0x18, 0x00

In my case, I just map action for select button and cubase doesn`t send this value to XTouch.

pageDefault.makeCommandBinding(buttons[‘select’].mSurfaceValue, ‘Process Logical Preset’, ‘Hummanize’)

Maybe because I have a custom logical editor presset assigned to select button, but you don’t have it, so the signal goes to the device… Try map your action for this button.

This video worked for me. Auto banking now working correctly.

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Hi Maik,

One problem I seem to have with X-Touch One scripts is that touching the fader cap will initiate writing of automation but it won’t hold that state. It’s only the movement of the fader that keeps it ‘live’.

If you are riding volume on a track and you want to hold it at a set level for a second or two, Cubase will drop out of recording it until you move again. So you have a gap where no automation was written.

If you use ‘Auto Latch’ to work around this then it doesn’t snap back when you release the fader.

Is this a setting I have missed or is anyone else experiencing this?


I am currently reprogram the script.
Unfortunately I am busy with my regular job.
Hope that I have time to do it in March.

Will fix / test it with the new script.

Are you on Cubase 12 or 13?



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Please make any corrections to my post if necessary.

To clarify for this thread:

There are 2 very different scripts. Maik74 and Darrens script. IIRC Maik74 works in Behringer mcu mode while Darrens works in Behringer cu mode.

Everything to know about Darrens install and how it works is in the video.

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Hello! I’d like to know if the “master” button can be programed to the control room volume level instead. I don’t usually move the master fader in the mixer.


That should be possible.
I am currently reprogram the script.
Unfortunately I am busy with my regular job.
Hope that I have time to do it in April.



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That would be nice.

Have you asked Darren, the person who created the video above?