Behringer X touch one script?

Is there an already existing script?

yes, there is.

Awesome, where can I find it?

Please tell us where we can find it.

My apologies I muddled it up with the Presonus one.

That said there are two option that I am aware of that you could use as a starting point. Basically anything MCU related will work wiht the X touch one. @Martin.Jirsak has been working on an Behringer X Touch (full) version which could be told to just use 1 slider and fewer buttons. Similarly the icon Platform M+ one could also be modified to just one slider and tweak the buttons.

The platform M+ scripts are here:

I am not sure if @Martin.Jirsak has released his Behringer one yet.

X_Touch_one_v2.midiremote (4.7 KB)
Hello I made one today, a few stuff are working but not present. As things like jogwheels need to not be binded to work in the mackie script etc . But it’s a good start if anyone wants to tweak it, go for it :slight_smile:
Also I use it with the cubase mode on the xtouch one.

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