Best Control Surface (with faders!) for Cubase 12 in 2023/24?

The only current model from Steinberg/Yamaha is Nuage. It it also quite old. I would not buy it unless there was 20 year guarantee for software support. [Ok, I would not buy it since it is out of my budget. But if it was…]

That prompted me to look up Nuage again (and laugh out loud at the pricing again!), but the search also threw up the Yamaha DM3 - seems like that is primarily for live work, but it makes you wonder why Yamaha haven’t cashed in on creating a Cubase-friendly controller?

Just needing MIDI integration, you would imagine it would work out significantly cheaper than the DM3. Then again, why not produce a dedicated controller+Audio Interface.

I’d volunteer to beta test it :wink:

Ye and i whas so close to buy one, until i looked on my bank account :slight_smile: and i need to take down a Wall to :slight_smile:

Ye i whas close to buy that to good price but not for a synth hybrid studio work need more in same or smaler, 121 MK2 make it like MK1 with more knobs and a good screen like NI and do it like console MK3 and klick and play modular modules we can buy. Thats the stuff. Then you can make quality and we can buy one modul at a time until we have what we want . Like 8 knob module we can klick in on the front with pages for vst and qc ect, så Yamaha have alot to do now then steinberg are on them :slight_smile:

100% I use an ipad along with a Presonus Faderport 16 and Nektar Lx-49+. Lx-49+ handles quick controls on rotors and compression via faders. F-16 excels at fader control while ipad fills any gaps with Eucontrol. There are over 80 pages. I’ve customized a few which really expedites workflow. Taktile control gets the job done nicely!

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I’d love this integrated with a keyboard controller

I like my Nektar Panorama P1. Mainly because the faders are not “mini” faders" - they have a long “throw”.

I have all the CMC controllers… and honestly—more than ANY DAW Controller out there, the CMC modules do it best. I may not have SSL Faders to manipulate at the tip of my fingers, but as far us control over all things, these little modules beat anything on the market when I’m working in Cubase 12. You can still find them on eBay at various times. I have 4 fader modules, and use the four modules designed for controlling Cubase. The pads module I kept separately from my custom group console. Wish I could add a photo here? This is 2024, and yet there is not one single controller out there that fully integrates with Cubase 12 in EVERY WAY. Not one. Come on Steinberg, with 3D printers, and the latest improvements in controller hardware, what are you waiting for? Design a really cool fully integrated system. The world is begging for one, especially long time Cubase users.

The problems are now what they always has been: 1) feature set, where users just disagree, almost all the time, 2) price. People just don’t want to pay what they cost.

What about the new-ish:


It has a template already set up for Cubase which makes it like a CC121 but with more functionality

I tried one… Did not like it. The jog wheel is awful and it feels cheap. Surprising as I have a UC1 and I love it.

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I have the UC1 and it is great, I was thinking of getting the single fader unit. I may have to reassess that idea lol.

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That’s exactly what I did!! :slight_smile:

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But want steinberg to do this, with a row of knobs all the way on the upper deck.

I have 2 avid mix and one 10" pad with avid control, and works fine. Sometimes you have to reconnect but work

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