Best Mid-Priced Converter to Get

Hi I am putting together an Atmos Nuendo post production studio.

What would you suggest as a good mid-priced A/d D/A converter to use?

Also which MAC and how should I configure it, RAM, etc. I like to use a lot of plug-ins. Thanks Steve

If all you need are outputs then anything with 16 channels in your price range should do (well, 12 for 7.1.4, but a lot of converters are in multiples of 8). I have a MOTU 16A and bought it for about 1,500 and I like it.

However, if you need B-chain processing then you probably have to be a bit more careful with your choices. I think Metric Halo has a device and so does Antelope, but you’re definitely spending more then.

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I became a big fan of Ferrofish during the years, especially for monitoring purposes. They offer ADAT-, MADI- or Dante-connected converters that sound great and are controlled by reliable, smart software that even allows for format conversion, re-routing and internal mixing for monitoring purposes. Apart from that they are a friendly company with great support. :slight_smile:

I have one of their MADI devices connected to an RME MADI I/O in a mixed 3D/surround/stereo monitoring setup and couldn’t be happier.

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for 9.2.6 Atmos setup - Price and performance wise you won’t regret MOTU 24Ai/o.
At home I have Ultra mk5 and I can hear a slight difference, the Ad/DA is just a pinch better than 24Ai/o. which may sound odd as mk5 is en entry level I/O and 24Ai/o. is considered flagship…also in a pinch you can configure it for 7.1.4 as shown below on Mac.
Depending on Budget you can’t go wrong with any of the interfaces mentioned above by others, they are all excellent.


i would recomend RME stuff. great converters and interfaces and rock-solid drivers.
i think they still have drivers for fireface 800, and that is a very old interface ( and that says a lot about a company).

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I think RME makes the best converters on the planet - I have a Fireface MADI - sadly I don’t see in the line, a straight 16x16 a/d/d/a with Tunderbolt. Don’t need pres, mixing, etc…thanks


Then get the MOTU 16A. Thunderbolt and 16 i/o. Or Antelope.

Will look into it - don’t like that the MOTU doesn’t have a db25 connector out. thanks

Another reason why you will love Ferrofish’s A32. :slight_smile:

There aren’t a ton of mid-priced 16 i/o converters out there. So if you’re not happy with the offerings, another option is to link two 8 channel units via ADAT.

Very interesting. I love the Cirrus chip set. Thank you…s

RME indistry standard
Dont use a mac , theyre a nightmare these days.

How so - I made the commitment - what should I look out for thanks

In all fairness Im refering to the macbooks which no longer have normal usb ports. Also a lot slower relative to cost (less speed for your bucks). Most people I know in audio and visual use custom PCs now. The screens still good for graphic design on mac though. Btw if RME is too expensive you could look at motu, they do great i terfaces too.

Umm. I don’t know what that guy is smokin’, (or maybe he’s just trolling?) but plenty of pros out there are using Macs successfully. There’s a reason why most commercial music and post studios use Macs… Oh, and those non-USB ports are called Thunderbolt ports :laughing: - which support a variety of protocols including USB.

Anyway… what to watch out for is that you cannot upgrade your RAM or storage after the fact. So if you use a lot of plug-ins, buy extra RAM.

I’ll be looking at a Mac Mini Pro (check the reviews for yourself) later this year, if the new (rumored) Mac Pro isn’t an option. I wouldn’t get less than 32GB of RAM on any machine.

Thank you - I had them load the mac pro with as much memory as it can take. It is a very strong machine. Yes 2-thunderbolt ports. I got a Lynx Aurora (x) as RME doesn’t make any equlivent . I do have an rme portable with MADI that is fantastic. Lynx I believe has switched to the same chip set. As all of Hollwood is still on mac as well as friends I felt it was time to join the crowd. I’m still at heart a PC guy :slight_smile:



LOL I still have my PC based PT and 5 working PC’s in the house including this one. The mac is really an add on the the PT system. I am still feaked out about having to learn a new keyboard and may go with paper labels lol

Ok, you’re forgiven, but only partially since you seem to be using Alsihad too frequently. Your natural preference and main DAW should be Nuendo of course.

But we’re good. We can still be friends.

LOL the more I learn about N12 the more I am in love. Read the plug-ins guide last night - WOW! Working my way through the operating manual. Have watched a lot of vids.

As playing with 9.1.4 is my goal I believe I made the right choices. Also excited to play with the new plug-ins from my old company Eventide and others that i learn about here…s

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