Best Monitor?

what do you think - what is the best monitor - is 34‘‘ a good choice - is refresh rate importend ? - which monitor Do you want ?

you all working without monitor - come on ?

As monitor goes try to avoid scaling completely . By that I mean to choose wise Inch/resolution ratio. For example 4k(3840x2160) on 27inch is insufficient so you will end up with scaling which means problems with cubase (lot of HDPi issues on this forum) so for 34inch 2560 x 1440(or 1440p) is far as I would go. For 4k don’t think about less than 43inch(45-50 is ideal) Refresh rate: nothing below 60hz.

Good luck

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Good advice from Grada… we found a 43 inch at 100% displayed things just a touch too small.

We took the plunge, and very recently ordered a Dell 55inch 4K Conference Room Monitor: C5519Q. It’s the cheapest 4K screen of this size we could get with a DisplayPort (DP) socket. Putting something this big on the desk just seemed weird. But this size screen was the only reliable way we could overcome
the scaling problems in Cubase 10.5 - by just using Windows 10 at 4K at its native setting (100% setting).

It didn’t come with a desk support, so wehad to get a pair of cheap tabletop TV stand from Amazon. Sat right at the back of a height adjustable office desk - it’s working well. The increased real estate is very productive.

We looked at cheaper 55inch 4K TV’s but they only come with HDMI sockets. There were some issues mixing HDMI and DisplayPort monitors on a single PC, and the other option of using a DP to HDMI adapter can also cause issues.

If you’ve got hdmi ports on your PC, and don’t use DP, a 4K TV is cheaper… seem to have to pay a lot more just to get a DP socket.

The problem with really large monitors is you need to physically move to see certain parts. I run a 32”4K monitor and don’t use scaling. I am quite happy with this as long as I can find my glasses :eyeglasses:. I’m using 60hz refresh. You can get televisions but you need a good one otherwise it will hurt your eyes if you are close and you need to make sure it can handle at least 50hz refresh

For cheap and easy get 2 24" HD monitors (or 20 or 22" if space is an issue). Or if your system can handle 3 monitors get 3. Center is project sides mixer and plugins (or what you like of course)
If you can spare the money get 1920X1200 instead of 1920X1080, the little extra height is nice for the transport bar.
Refresh rate is a non issue. Image quality is no issue too on modern monitors.

24inch QHD monitors are ideal for me - higher resolution than 1920x1080 but everything’s not crazy small.

But just to small for me lol. I prefer hd@24"

I found that 2-3, not huge monitors are the best option for working in DAW (Cubase). Also, most of my colleagues and partners use a similar setup.
You can put the Arranger window in 1 st monitor (left position), 2 nd monitor could be used for Mixer (right position) and the last one can be used for Analyser or any VST instrument (or facebook lol).
So you can have all info needed anytime.
I use 2 of Samsung F24T350FHI and HP Z43.

Max from MajorMixing

Lot of folks describing how they use multiple monitors here: