What do you use a second monitor for in Cubase? Mixer? VST Plugins?

Hi there,

considering a 2nd pc monitor → will hang a bit top right from the main one.

But what u use it for in Cubase? just the mixer? or VST plugins? what else could make sense?
will cubase save these “settings”? for example, always open VSTs on screen nr 2 etc and can I set this up for example?

thanks:) maz

hi maz

lots of uses for a 2nd (or 3rd!) monitor - I use it for plugins - mixer - open PDF - control room

Once you get it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Cubase saves the window layout as part of the project - so if you create a template with everything how you want it then I think it will do what you want.


Hi Maz,
my setup consists (i am not drunk ;o) ) of 5 Monitors.
4 of them in a square setup, the 5th one to the left of me.
I have the project window on the 5th monitor, mixers on the left lower of the square, second mixer on the left upper of the square. Right lower square for plugins and the control room.
All that very flexible and helpful for me. I have to add that I LOVE “ancient” screen resolutions - when I got older and sight issues started, I prefer larger fonts/objects and the multi screen setup . there is so much space available and still everything readable. I hope that Steinberg NEVER decides to build everything on the single-window concept with zones, but always preserves the option to decouple a zone and present it in a separate window. I hate it that this is not the case for some of the “lower zone” things already. These are limiting design decisions without any real reason.

2nd monitor for mixer and 3rd monitor is for plugins. I usually leave all master bus plugins open all of the time

Although I can totally see the advantage to this personally I found that I didn’t like haven’t to turn my head all the time. I realised I preferred having my viewing angle straight in front of me without any head turning however slight. I discovered this personal preference when trying out a 42 inch wide monitor. I kind of wish it didn’t bug me so I could make use of that extra real estate but it bugged me more than the added benefit.

I also do video editing…and in general having several windows, space always helps?`
but yeah, ill see
if i dont like it i return the monitor to Amazon;)

2nd monitor for Mixer with room for INSERTS, SENDS and STRIP open at once, large faders and large meters. Also when MIDI editors or audio editor is opened, they open over the mixer on the second monitor

Tons of uses here. Extending timeline and mixer, any window open move it to the other monitor. Browsing the internet, other applications. I’m forever opening and closing stuff , so it all gets shifted to the second monitor and I can keep on working in cubase.
I’m planning on getting a super wide monitor sometime that will be the same width as tyhe tywo monitors I use at the minute.

I bought a 34" wide curved monitor. I find it more neat than two separate monitors.

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Mixer and the third 7" monitor for Supervision , i might upgrade it to a 10" now

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very interesting - I actually love having to turn my head, since

  • it exercises the neck muscles and lubricates the cervical spine at least a little bit, compared to having my head fully static for long stretches of time.
  • it makes my studio feel just a little bit more like this :smiley::
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Ha ha yeah I didn’t think it would be a big deal for me but then it was. Maybe I’ll try again in the future sometime. Also I have quite a serious eye condition so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it.

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Would it be strange to have a curved monitor as 2nd monitor?
my main one is straight/not curved

I have something similar - in reverse

My main one is curved, then two extra screens (yes two, hey why not !) - at either side. The only issue I have is that you have to have them low so the monitor (speakers) are not obscured. And there is probably terrible acoustic reflection from the rear of all those monitors.

ok, but eyes wise no issue?
guess no issue then if its vice versa?? curved as second on my right…

I think everybody has a different idea of what they want. Amazon have a great returns policy though :slight_smile:

I’ve been using 4 monitor for some years now, all the same size/resolution. Recently I reconsidered how I had been using Workspaces and came up with a new scheme that I’m really liking.

Previously I had built Workspaces based around different tasks - writing, tracking, mixing, etc. Then I realized that the only things I really cared about were the locations of the Project & MixConsole Windows. Everything else would open & close, move around and generally be totally different between Projects. So now I look at Workspaces as known starting points.

Except for a couple of specialized Workspaces for something like Media Bay, all my Workspaces only use 3 elements - Project, MixConsole & Blank. Now Blank just means there is no specific Cubase Window on that monitor - these are were all the Project specific, misc. Windows tend to collect - editors, plug-ins, PDFs, etc. Now my Workspaces are just named left to right what’s on them.

Some have Windows that expand across multiple monitors. Gotta say having the MixConsole display 80+ Tracks across 3 monitors with no scrolling felt very cool.

TIP: If you stretch a Window across multiple monitors you can end up with buttons straddling the split between monitors. To avoid this make sure to put your Left & Right Dividers next to each other. This will park your buttons on one side or the other.

Here are a few


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Wow I never thought of a 2nd monitor but now I’m seeing the benefits, especially for composition and wanting to see scores in order to enter parts into Cubase. I’m going to look into another monitor.

Mixer and Key Editor, always on the second screen. With the new global tracks even more useful now.