Best single-fader control surface for Cubase?

Hi everyone

As in the title…

I’m looking for something similar to the Faderport or the X-Touch One. A single motorised fader, some transport and pan controls and a minimum of fuss and glitches.

Any suggestions, please?

The SSL UF-1 is very nice, but considerably more expensive than the others you mention. I have the SSL now, but have owned both the Faderport Mk II and the X-Touch One in the past. The Faderport is fine, but I was put off when Presonus crippled some of its features (when used with Cubase) with a firmware update. The X-Touch One is good and integrates well with Cubase. The SSL supports more features, if you choose to set it up appropriately, and works well with Cubase. It is also built like a tank, unlike the X-Touch One, has a really good quality screen (two, in fact) and comes with SSL’s metering plug-in.

If you can justify the price, I would highly recommend the SSL. If you can’t I would recommend the X-Touch One (and, if you’re in the UK, I have one for sale!).

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I am happy with the Presonus Faderport.
If you consider the Faderport, you should have a look at this post:

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Avid Dock:

Tablet is separate. Not sure how it gets better than that.

Then again, you provide little definition of the word “best” and you don’t give a budget so…

I wish I could afford such toys!

Something more in the faderport v2 / Behringer touch one price range.

My fear (and the reason for posting) is that I’ve suffered in the past with much messing about to get control surfaces to work as intended and I’m reasonably inexperienced with this software.

CC121 :innocent:, still can’t believe SB stopped it :thinking:


Agree, the CC121 is great because it’s custom-made for Cubase. It Just Works, as they say.


Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions.

The CC121 looks great but is a little out of my price range and I’m also wary of buying anything that has been discontinued. I’ll look into the FaderPort and X-Touch One scripts to see if they’re right for me.

If you happen to own a tablet (iPad or Android) or phone) I recommend t the iC Pro App ( a Cubase remote control App for less than 17 $) .

I would hold on to the cash for 4-8 more weeks.

Both Icon Audio and nektar tech are coming out with one fader units with all the extra goodies to really boost the workflow.

Icon P1 Nano

Panorama CS12


CC121 - designed for Cubase and fully compatible with Ableton Live

Amazing gears. I didn’t know about it.
Thank you

Presonus ioStation with the above mentioned Faderport scripts works wonders and even has support for the Cubase EQ.

I have looked at various single-fader controllers.

The PreSonus FaderPort V2 is still my top favorite for Cubase
(of course with the actual version of the script located here in the Steinberg Cubase Forum under “shared-midi-remote” in the post “PreSonus FaderPort 2 (2018) midi remote script”).