"Between the meantime"


my new album

“Between the meantime”

is complete and was released at Bandcamp on July 30th.

Since it’s the first album since I was awarded the Schallwelle Prize, I’m very nervous about whether and how it will be received.

Here are a few words about the album:

Between the meantime

One moment you’re happy, the next second you’re sad because of the news. There are days when everything is fine and then the reality of Corona catches up with you. There are phases when things almost go back to normal - life - only to suddenly go insane again.

The sounds, the moods, the music and the songs on this album reflect some of that. There is no timetable or a thematic framework, but music that was created between November last year and June this year.

That’s why there are no song titles, but individual parts that follow one another. In view of the events and situations, I simply fail the words from time to time.

As always, everything was composed by me, recorded under Cubase Artist 12, mixed and mastered. The cover is also mine. All instruments and effects are from Steinberg (Halion, Padshop, Retrologue). Also used: Valhalla Supermassive, Blackhole and the Quadra from Cherry Audio.

Love from,