Beware... Update coming soon to Nuendo ;-O


You’ve read it right. Yes, I know it is after Cubase’s update release but it is coming soonish “shortly after” the Cubase update.

Here’s the proof: :mrgreen:

That’s nice…

Guess that puts Nuendo v6 well into 2012…

Well, N4.3 still works perfectly, so I’m in no hurry. :wink:



yes, Nuendo 5.5.2, which includes some important fixes, will be released sometime soon after the Cubase update. This is because Nuendo gets some additional fixes due to its larger feature set and this requires some additional time.


I would guess there’s probably a new version of the AAF filter and that kind of stuff…

Define “soon”


yes. Unfortunately we had to postpone the update to end of January. Basically
because we’re still waiting for some AAF-related fixes.


I couldn’t agree more! I can’t believe how friking slow these updates are never coming. Merry Christmas,

Oh, nice t-shirts for the Cmc series controllers. Proud to be a nuendo user!


I don’t (currently - this may change!) need AAF fixes, but am pretty desperate for others. I really wish that updates were more frequent, dealing with issues as they are identified and fixed.