Bug in channel settings - unable to open edit instruments

I was watching Steinbergs Channel settings youtube tutorial today (thank you steinberg for creating these!) and noticed that in their video they say you can open the instrument settings directly from the channel settings window by clicking the piano button next to the channel: Edit Channel Settings Window | Advanced Features in Cubase Pro 8 - YouTube

This functionality works for instrument tracks, but is absent for midi tracks, which is odd because that same “edit instrument” piano button exists for both midi and instrument tracks in the arrange window’s inspector.


  1. Create an multi channel instrument track (like Halion)
  2. Add sounds to midi channel 1 and 2
  3. Create a midi channel connected to midi 2 of your instrument track
  4. Open the “edit channel settings”

If you select your instrument track you will see the “piano icon” for edit instrument next to the name as shown in the video. However if you select the midi track you no longer see this icon, which again seems like a bug (or at least a mistake in programming) as this button already exists in the inspector in the arrange page.