Big News wednesday 👍

@dspreadbury Adding “Concert/Transposed Pitch” toggle to the Jump bar would be useful

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Has it been mentioned already? I LOVE the crosshairs!


Wow wow wow - the Play editor changes are a huge time saver already. I have a score that needs humanization, but it was such a pain I left it for later. Already having the MIDI roll in Write mode lower zone, and the much easier changing played duration, not to mention the other features such as tuplet management is huge.

You folks are turning the most painful part of our jobs (humanization) into something at least tolerable, if not enjoyable :grinning:

One of the big things with humanizing is rubato tempo changes, looks like it’s not available in the lower zone?

@Lillie_Harris Is Play mode missing from the manual?

Or maybe it’s just not at the top index? You can see the headers jump from Write to Engrave

Indeed, not yet. Editing the tempo track will come as soon as possible.


Play mode isn’t in the manual yet – see my earlier post about the manuals here. I briefly pinned it to the top of the forum, but as it’s not the most pressing thing today I let it drop back down for now. I’ll maybe pop it up again later on.


How long can it take to fix my limbo? Sorry, I hate to bother too much, but anxiety kills me. :sweat_smile: It’s not pressure, it’s just to get an idea. Thanks Daniel.

Just to clarify, it looks like you can’t edit the tempo track in Play mode at the moment, which I think is what you’re saying here? I was mentioning adding the tempo track to the lower zone, is that also on the TODO list? Not pressuring, just want to know.

Daniel’s release notes blog post acknowledges that a few things like this were stripped away as they rewrote the program, but that they will be reinstated as soon as possible in one of the free “dot” updates.


I have been in my chair since before 8am this morning in an endless cycle of forum, email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Sorry! I will get to your email soon.


Yes, to both: you can’t edit it either in Play mode or in the lower zone Key Editor as yet, but that is where it will become editable, so it will be editable both in Play mode and in Write mode.


That is fantastic news!

Just a note that activating on a new computer (at least for me) is trivial. Just update the Download Manager which installed the activation manager, log into it and click the Activate button. Done. Dorico shows up in your list of products.

Seldom has a download/purchase/activation process been so straightforward and trouble-free!


candy store

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Well done, team! I couldn’t yet get the grip with the new update, since it was a busy day for me, but I’m really eager to! When I was eating the videos I’ve thought that this was the workflow update… and then I saw the blog post. The workflow features are very well thought. I’d like to highlight the Library manager. I thought many times how you were going to tackle with this, and it’s simply genius! I’ve already used it to review a current score of mine, to check if I might want to change some settings.

Aside from those, I really appreciate being able to change the staff names to player names, and the fact that it’s in a per player basis. I’ve already named my percussionists and I’m going to change all the instrument’s names to their original and rightful ones (No more “Perc 1: Snare drum”), which will save me many changes in instrument change labels.

Speaking of instrument change labels, I really appreciate to be able to have those after cues. That was something that consumed a lot of time in a former project, and I really appreciate to have that option.

Lastly, I haven’t gone in depth with the MIDI input wizard, but I’ve seen it’s state of the art. It’s very well thought of and is the pinnacle of your semantic approach to music. For the next film score engraving gig that I have I expect to make good use of it!

In sum, as always, thank you for the good work! It’s a pleasure to belong to this community and to think that there are still people making software with their hearts, striving for quality and which makes our jobs more of a joy and less of a torture.

Long life to Dorico!


Thanks, Lucas. The whole team really poured their hearts and souls into this version. I’m very pleased it’s appreciated.


Upgrade was effortless! Updates look absolutely amazing :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for the tremendous work that you do!



Huge appreciation Daniel! Let everybody know how great this is. I think the focus on quality of life improvements was exactly what Dorico needed. I’m already working easier, ideas are flowing better and its just more natural. New features are great , but Dorico is already very capable. In particular the Write mode automation editing and Jump dialog makes the workflow so effortless.

For the first time it’s feeling like I can be a composer in Dorico and not an engraver, or MIDI programmer.


Since I’m all thumbs, ten thumbs up for the new Library menu. It has everything I wanted, plus ten times more.