Big News wednesday 👍

Upgrade was effortless! Updates look absolutely amazing :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for the tremendous work that you do!



Huge appreciation Daniel! Let everybody know how great this is. I think the focus on quality of life improvements was exactly what Dorico needed. I’m already working easier, ideas are flowing better and its just more natural. New features are great , but Dorico is already very capable. In particular the Write mode automation editing and Jump dialog makes the workflow so effortless.

For the first time it’s feeling like I can be a composer in Dorico and not an engraver, or MIDI programmer.


Since I’m all thumbs, ten thumbs up for the new Library menu. It has everything I wanted, plus ten times more.

Sorry, just realised that the first thing I did after installing the new version was put up a little bug that I found…

Apologies @dspreadbury , what I should have done first was congratulate you all on what looks, at first sight, a magnificent update…



Hey Dan and the Team - enjoying the update so far! The big MIDI changes are not particularly for me, but loving the Jump bar (think I might have even requested something like it at one point) and think the improved visual cues, hub and setup will go a long way to improving the first time user experience.

If you may permit me (perhaps the first?) feature suggestions - perhaps you could link the Jump bar to the manual as well? save time for flummoxed newbies.

Absolutely love the improvements to write mode (esp insert!) and one feature request near the top of my list - custom layouts! Also, as before, a very affordable update price!

Still getting to know Dorico 4 (busy day) but well done all - looking forward to getting to know it more


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This is already possible:
Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 8.48.21 PM
(It also works if you just type ‘help’.)


Touché! I meant if you could search the articles alongside searching for functions, so that you not only got functions but a comprehensive guide to their use…

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I love also the new options in Engrave “Move to Previous/Next System”, simple and straightforward (see: Lock source and destination systems in Preferences > Note Input and Editing).
Thanks Daniel and the Team to make my work flow a lot more easier with Dorico 4


Is there a web-accessible link to the Charlotte’s Web-sized release notes PDF?

See the “Version History” links on this page: Dorico 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

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