Black Eyed Pea's taking musical break

:unamused: Yer just one big put down machine, sheesh.
First Prince, then Sinead O’Connor, and now… the Black-eyed Peas.

What have you accomplished that compares with anything near to the level of successful these people you put down have achieved?

It’s a windup… :wink:

Split peas?

Good question, what have they achieved? As far as I know, their song had been <(re)-discovered> by the ad industry & got real popular that way. So right now were at the stage of a one-hit-wonder, nothing more & nothing less. I wont bother to comment on the song. Being subjected to it a dozend times a day on the radio is enough torture…

Hold up, Joan - you sure turned that question around. The question was not about what Prince, Sinead O’Connor or the Black-Eyed Peas have achieved, but about Steve and why he has create threads to ‘put them down.’ While the artists mentioned may not be everyone’s favorites… what purpose do all the “put downs” serve? What’s the point in putting down other artists and other people? Jealousy? Envy? Gossip? Hate? Immaturity? The need for validation for one’s personal opinion? Character issues?

Note to all:
Black Eyed Peas is not a rap band - so dont be afraid to listen to them :laughing:
They have a rather unique style of music that - you really can not categorize. In fact - I have some Cubase specific VSTi’s and libraries that actually mention this band in their sales literature.


I think I first heard of Black Eyed Peas around 2003… a song called WHERE IS THE LOVE - with an UNCREDITED Justin Timberlake doing vocals ! It was an Anti-War song… which may be the reason for Timberlakes staff recommending he remain uncredited - AS his own single was launching the same time AND the band “Dixie Chicks” were boycotted for their political statements the same year …

Later I found out Black eyed Peas also recorded one of my club favorites in 2003 as well…

a song called

LETS GET RETARTED ! (Music and lyric only - I could not find an official ‘retarted’ video)

It was later re-recorded as

LETS GET IT STARTED - in order to get more radio play - as the word “retarted” was deemed inappropriate for mass appeal.

A few more CD’s than a 1 hit wonder - yet more recently those who visit dance clubs may have heard

BOOM BOOM POW (very unique non-singing use of the AutoTuned ‘Cher effect’)

And amazingly they can do more than just Urban music - as seen in this indie garage band type hit called

I GOTTA FEELING - one of my all time favorites from any Charted band today.

What seperates them from 1 hit wonders is the fact that the band is so diverse.

Its core members are

1 Black
1 Filipino (appears to be black, just look for the crazy hair/mohawk, etc to tell them apart)
1 Latino
1 White

I think they have all bases covered there !

The Asian was the result of an American military man being stationed in Asia. He was later adoped direct from Asia by an American family and sent to California.

He spoke very little english and met the Black member in school. As kids they started a “Break Dancing” team and wrote Music lyrics that were used by MANY California artists including Eazy-E, Doc. Dre, Snoop Dog etc.

1/2 the 2 man team was not even able to ‘PROPERLY’ speak english yet he was already writing music for urban artists. After YEARS of writing and producing they decided to make their own band.

several CD’s later they recruited FERGIE and she hooked them up with her friend Justin Timberlake… The rest is PLATINUM ! Since 2003 !

The Asian/Black member even put an asian language song on one of their TOP ALBUMS !

It is called “HOT CHICKS” or in his language “BEBOT”

Have a look at that video here - catchy - even if you only understand the 1 english word they shot as an anthem…
“Filipino! Filipino ! Filipino!”

See BEBOT <----here

Ooh and I can not end without mentioning their track PUMP IT

let me cut that even shorter ,your so ready to slate every artist apart from your own genre “what have you accomplished” ?

Yeah, I`m sorry for that! Just noticed it.

Well majik! What can I say? I suppose a strong desire to be a star himself, to be recognized, give autographs, wipe the dust from his grammy collection now & then, a man visualizing his face on the front page of the HELLO TEENAGE AMERICA magazine & therefore putting all those down who apparently have achieved this.
I´m not a psychologist, you know. I believe he`s a man full of desire…

Personally… Prince is yesterday’s news, as is Sinead. The BEP’s suck, although I did buy the song “Borderline” (as well as Fergie’s album, which is nothing like the Peas). I’d much rather listen to Steve’s music than any of those three… but that’s just me. Commercial success has zero to do with it. I’d also note the following: Steve can create worthy music, but he can also fix your broken pipes, or replace your circuit box – none of those 3 peeps can do anything remotely as useful to society as that.

“Success,” or the absence of such, should in no way inhibit a person’s right to express their opinion, even a strongly negative one. :sunglasses:

I REFUSE to bow before the thrones of any of our celebrities… but I will gladly champion both the music and the workingman worthiness of Steve Fogal!

Gotta agree with Steve and Doug, the BEP are dreadful. Completely awful, sh1te lyrics and loops by someone else. A complete waste of feckin time. Will I Am? FFS :imp:


you yanks do make me laugh with your HOLY SMOLY ,WE SAY WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT !

same old crap coming out the same old mouths its just a different day !

in the great words of "sinead o’connor "nothing compares to you " lot …

black eyed pea’s your ok in my book ,you’ve never harmed me and fergie ,well she can sing on me any day !

when you produce anything that you can make people buy millions of your songs then i think you have no right to slag them off in public but an till then keep trying with your production skills and you never know 1 day someone might buy 1 track off you worth 36p through the iplayer ! and that i sure wil be a ONE HIT WONDER !

They produced a pile of crap that’s been rammed down everybody’s throat by the marketing people. Fvck all to do with talent and bought by little kids and less than optimised adults. Yes, Fergie is cute but couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket.

The lyrics:

've gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good good night

I’ve gotta feeling (Woohoo) that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good good night

Tonight’s the night
Let’s live it up
I got my money
Let’s spend it up

Go out and smash it
Like Oh My God
Jump off that sofa
Let’s get get OFF

I know that we’ll have a ball
If we get down
And go out
And just lose it all

I feel stressed out
I wanna let it go
Lets go way out spaced out
And losing all control

Fill up my cup
Mazel tov
Look at her dancing
Just take it OFF

Let’s paint the town
We’ll shut it down
Let’s burn the roof
And then we’ll do it again

Let’s Do it (x4)
And do it (x2)
Let’s live it up
And do it (x2)
And do it do it do it
Lets do it (x3)

Cause i’ve gotta feeling (Woohoo) that tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good good night (x2)

Tonight’s the night (HEY)
Let’s live it up (Let’s live it up)
I got my money (Hey)
Let’s spend it up (Let’s spend it up )

Go out and smash it (Smash it)
Like Oh My God (Like Oh My God)
Jump off that sofa (C’mon)
Let’s get get OFF

Fill up my cup (Drink)
Mazel tov (L’chaim)
Look at her dancin (Move it Move it)
Just take it OFF

Let’s paint the town (Paint the town)
We’ll shut it down (Shut it down)
Let’s burn the roof (Wowowowoo)
And then we’ll do it again

Let’s do it (x4)
And do it (x2)
Let’s live it up
And do it (Do it) And do it (And do it) And do it do it do it (And do it)
Let’s do it (x2) Let’s do it do it do it

Here we come
Here we go
We gotta rock rock rock

Easy come
Easy go
Now we are on top top top

Feel the shot
Body rock
Rock it don’t stop stop stop stop stop stop

Round and round
Up and down
Around the clock clock clock

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Do it)
Friday, Saturday, Saturday to Sunday (Do it)

We keep keep keep keep keep on going
We know what we say say
Party everyday (Day–)
P-P-P-Party everyday

And I’m feeling (Woohoo) that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good night
that tonight’s gonna be a good good night.


Written by a 12-year old, possibly younger

The music? Loops. Stolen from other peeps.

Great production, no doubt about that. Shame the content is so puerile :imp:

Quack :arrow_right:

see your a closet case black eye pea’s lover !


It’s funny how many people I come across in life that feel “if you sold xxxx amount you’ve gotta be a true artist”. Do you know how many people makes millions off of garbage? Even that moron William Hung sold like 200,000 or so albums simply because he was on American Idol singing that Ricky Martin song awfully. Why would anyone buy it?? Because it was on main stream media, that’s why. Do you know that couple caught in a photo kissing during the Canada riots? The media quoted them as being worth at least 1 million dollars simply because it went viral. Do you honestly think they are instantly worth a million because of that photo?? :unamused:

In my humble opinion, the Black Eye’d Peas DO suck. Read through their lyrics, that’s all one needs to do to come to that conclusion. Then there is the awful music to listen to. Sure it entertains some, so does that annoying Six Flags song they used to play all the time. Doesn’t mean it’s quality material.

Dominos is also probably the top selling pizza in the USA… does that make it the best? Hell no. It’s just simply convenient because they’ll deliver to a house full of drunks at 2:30am when everyone else is closed.

Anyhow, the point is making money doesn’t make someone/something good. I noticed something interesting a few weeks ago that really put this whole thing to light for me. I was on the train observing others around me and it fully hit me how the media and advertising totally dictates what the human race purchases and favors. I saw a number of people both male and female cue up Lady Gaga on their MP3 players (mostly iPod’s of course due to the advertising and media). What I noticed was all these people listening to her latest album weren’t moving or bobbing their heads, not one bit of movement or emotion. They stood there like mindless drones listening to what is shoved in their faces as “you have to buy this, it’s POPULAR!!!”. I got to thinking… I bet not ONE of these people actually take the time to search out new good music. instead, they sit back, watch TV, read the tabloids or whatever, and see Lady Gaga’s name written everywhere and go out and buy the album. If they really like it that much then why is not a single person grooving to the music ever?

Money, sales, etc does not constitute a great or even good work. It just means someone managed to get the attention of the masses in some way that garnered enough curiosity or attention to sell well. That’s all, nothing more. Remember the famous phrase of PT Barnum :wink:


don’t you have to make music before you can take a break from making it?

No use crying over split mlik.

OMFG ! Thax for the video critique philter2011 ! Watch your video at 1:24 …

I laughed so hard I blew my drink out my NOSE !!!


That critic was sooo funny… agree or not - I enjoyed the link ! Thanks for sharing!

For others the critic de-constructed the lyrics of a Black eyed peas song… a quote:
“[Fergie] is an auto-tuned ‘day-glow’ prostitute!” 1:34

I brb watching the rest of it … its made me crack a smile… and thats no easy task for a “G” :smiley: