Black Eye's Pea's perform the half-time Super Bowl

they played the halftime show at our grey cup here some years ago and put on a much better performance, it was more geared to the music. that t-pain midi vocal stuff was getting annoying

I left the room, but it sounded like a Karaoke bar from the next room. It was horrid.

couldn’t agree more! But, Ahhhha, those PACKERS :smiley:

that slash thing was over the top funny, she tried to sing and dance exactly how the lead singer from gun’s n roses does. with all the lawsuits between them he must have been seething, lol

She looks better than him, but sounds worse … which I didn’t think was possible.

I know what the problem was … not enough cow bell.

The performance was much less than mediocre. They really sucked. Bright spot was what was going on around them. I thought that was pretty cool.

I’d been embarrassed if I was slash also.


:wink: :laughing: :confused: :sunglasses: :mrgreen:

Is that a demented relative of Christopher Walken on the left?

Agreed – TOTALLY horrible. Why? Because the Black Eyed Peas are horrible, that’s why. To me they epitomize everything that’s wrong with music these days – tuneless, unfunky, in a word, lame. (Although I DID purchase that tune “Borderline” – it’s actually quite good)

To be a little bit fair, however, the Super Bowl is NOT the best venue for acoustics OR performance. Only a few have ever played that gig successfully.

I’d like to see a trend where the “Best New Artist” Grammy winner also gets the “honor” of playing the Super Bowl halftime show – that way, if a newcomer is truly worthy, they’ll establish their careers, but if they’re lame, it’ll be the kiss of death and they’ll quickly vanish from the scene :laughing:

BTW – one of my best friends was in a Super Bowl commercial – in the Budweiser ad set in an Old West saloon, my friend Andy Sensenig played the bartender :sunglasses:


What about Agullera pooching the National Anthem? :laughing:

Well I thought their first big single “Where Is the Love?” was great. but i’ve never considered them decent live performers. Were they calibrated at -18dBFS ?

Aloha guys,

I totally loved the half time show. Best one ever.
And I am old enough to have seen all 45 of them.
Ben Vereen would have been proud.
I liked it because it’s the future.
To each his own.


Which National Anthem?

Umm, I dunno, let’s see here - which National Anthem do they sing before the start of a sporting event that takes place in the USA between two teams from the USA? Hmmm…could it be the USA National Anthem, aka The Star Spangled Banner?


Oh yeah – I bought that one , too. So I guess they’re okay as singles artists… I’d never buy an album, though

Hook, Line, Sinker.

So easy.