Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

I’m thinking about upgrading my Cubase version to the current version. When does Steinberg do it sales? If I remember correctly they do a sale on Black Friday & then on Cyber Monday followed by a sale from Christmas Day until New Year’s. Which has the best discounts? Is there a difference? Any information would be appreciated.

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There was already one this year in September.
Here you will find current promotions


Black Friday Sales, post 'em here! - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums

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I think the 50% of will be the ‘Absolute’ and ‘Spectral Layers’ package amongst others as Halion 7 is knocking on the door


Steinberg has announced they will have a 50% off Cyber Sale. No products announced yet.

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Cyber weeks are here now, but not for Groove Agent- or for expansion packs?
A bit dissapointed here…

Does Steinberg have regular sales? If so, when is the next time Cubase Pro is likely to go on sale?

Seems like Steinberg has shunned the professionals with their declaration of which products are discounted for Black Friday sales

Steinberg Cyber Weeks:

Yes, absolutely. WaveLab and Dorico, for example, are not professional grade … :roll_eyes:

Can’t please everyone every time, I guess …

I must say i bought the ‘Lyrical Vocal Phrases’ and they are absolutely loooooooooovely :heart: :heart:

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Cubase are usually updated at this time of the year. So they are not on any sale. Summer is the usual sale season for cubase, ending in good time before the grace period for a free upgrade starts.

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No you can’t. This guy right here just wanted Cubase Pro 12 to be discounted :frowning:

I’m keen to upgrade my Cubase 11 Elements to Artist, last year I upgraded from AI to Elements with the Cyber week -50% offer. I was planning to upgrade again this year, but as a disappointment there seem to be other product discounts but no upgrade offers for Cubase (!?). :frowning:

Another shout here for a Pro 12 discount soon, ideally the crossgrade. Yes I missed the previous discount a few months back but hey circumstances change and now I find myself looking to switch preferably to Cubase as my main DAW.

it seems like has Cubase12 on sale.

No Crossgrade discount. The Gods are against me…