Blank menu

When I launch Cubase 10 on Windows, the menu bar shows up blank.

I would trash your preferences then let Cubase re-build. If that doesn’t work, start Cubase in Safe Mode. Also, it could help if you list information about your OS, etc.

Thanks, i will try your suggsstions.

OS: Windows 10 64 bit
Processor: i5-2430M 2.40GHz 2.40GHz
Ram: 8GB
Display adaptor: AMD Radeon HD 6700M series

Hey thanks again, safe mode worked for me. What do i need to do in order for it to work fine in normal mode?

search for the topic “cubase trash preferences.” If you have any questions about that, feel free to post here.

Hey, so i tried to “trash preference” and let cubase rebuilt it, but it didnt help

Hello. I fixed the problem. I needed to set cubase on the lower graphic properties. After that i recieved a massage with “error 1114 dll…” so i removed two files from “component” folder: 1)VideoCodec-Apple-ProRes.dll and 2)videoengine.dll. after that the cubase run fine :slight_smile:. Thanks for your help anyway.

Thanks for coming back and posting your solution. I had this exact problem, your fix worked for me as well. After a very frustrating couple of hours I’m ready to enjoy my fresh copy of Cubase 10 Pro :sunglasses: Thanks a lot!

So, I also followed the instructions as described above and the menu appears. Although, now my Waves plugins no longer function and the ‘error 1114’ is thrown, which then crashes the application. I found that Waves require the graphics to run in ‘Maximize Performance’ mode, which leads me back to blank menus. Has anyone dealt with this issue?

Exactly the same problem: Cubase 10.0.50 Pro, does not display text in the main menu and in the plugin menu too (HALion Sonic SE). Used all recommendations on the forum, no result, the menu is still empty. Had to reinstall Windows, tried Windows 10 Professional 1903, 1909, Windows 10 Corporate LTSB. Nothing changes, it is still impossible to use the Cubase program, which I bought in June 2019 and which worked properly until recently.
Is this problem still being ignored by Steinberg?
What about users who have purchased this product but cannot use it?

Notebook ACER Aspire 8943G - 5454G64 Biss
Processor Intel® Core i5 CPU M 450 @2.40GHz. Ram: 8GB
Video AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series, (1GB)
Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) 1909

Hi, I have the exact same problem. If I fix the blank menus, I cannot load Kontakt. If I can’t load kontakt cubase makes no sense for me. Did any of you guys sort this out? I’m about to give up on cubase. Thank god I didn’t buy a larger version.

Please, list your PC hardware, this is an issue that usually occurs on hardware which is not certified to run Windows 10.

The following are not supported:

1st and 2nd Gen Intel CPU (and 3rd, if not directly supported by the OEM vendor)

Intel HD graphics 2000 and 3000:

All Radeon HD up to 6xxx (only the top-end HD 7xxx and 8xxx are still supported, the rest of the series is also unsupported):

Older NVIDIA supporting DX11, but only having DX10 feature-level, might also cause issues (GT 6xx and previous).

Hi Fabio,

I have the same issue and my hardware is definitely compatible with windows 10.
Gigabyte z390 Designare + i9 9900k + Radeon RX580.
Also tested with a Nvidia 1050Ti and issue persists.

Sometimes menu and pop-up windows (like the colors) work as they should, sometimes not.
i didn’t get a clear pattern to reproduce this but it happens a lot during the day and is very annoying.

Any idea ?

That hardware is definitely compatible and have to say issues with the RX 4xx and 5xx are close to nothing (I have an RX 580 which I swap with an RTX 2060 for testing on my main DAW, too).

As you say ‘sometimes’ - would you be able to identify any process running along-side Cubase when that occurs? Or specific plugins?
(I’d try to reduce as much as possible background tasks, including MS Apps, startup processes, etc.)

Is the RX a v1 or v2? If v2, do you have a physical Gaming/Studio switch on the card?
Which driver revision are you running? Did you install the full driver package or the video driver only?
Do you have any energy saving options enabled (both BIOS and Windows)?

You can also send the info via PM.

Well, it seems that we still have to use previous versions of cubase … in my case 9.5. At least there are plugins that I can use …

I’m getting this same error in Cubase Pro 10.5 on Windows 10 64 bit. I too need to be able to use Kontakt.

I have an Intel Core i7-8550U CPU @1.8-1.99 GHz, 16 GB Ram, Intel UHD Graphics 620

When I start Cubase, all is well. The moment I go to another application (like Chrome), and return to Cubase, the blank menus issue starts happening. The menus show if I click them twice (first time they show up blank, second time they show up populated). It’s really annoying to have to click everything twice though. The only solution is to restart Cubase and not click outside of the application. After spending so much money on Cubase, really disappointed with this experience.

Well, I have this problem too. Is any suggestion to solve it or no chance? Steingerg, it’s unacceptable support.

Hi, ! I fixed this problem on my laptop. The solution is that:
Disable (or uninstall) your ‘newest graphic card driver’ on device manager. And install an older version

Screenshot: Older version of graphic card