Bought Zoom H4N: Difficulty downloading bundled Cubase LE

Hello, all. I am in need of someone’s guidance concerning a couple of Cubase download related issues:

I recently (September 2014) purchased through an Amazon approved vender a Zoom H4N audio recorder bundled with “Cubase LE”. How do I confirm which version of Cubase LE I have. I assume Cubase LE7, yet when I made inquiry with the vender they weren’t sure. I am hoping Steinberg can tell me, but I have been unsuccessful contacting them,thus far. Incidentally, the H4N serial # is 00578831, if that helps.

I have had no success completing the Steinberg ‘create an account’ procedures so that I may continue on to Cubase activation and download steps. I was able easily enough to register for this Steinberg forum, yet I am stuck at the gate of the Steinberg Cubase download site. I have carefully checked userid/password spellings, they are accurate. The site prematurely kicks me to the next step before I have completed entering required data for the current step, then won’t allow me back up and start again because my userid is already in use (by me).

Any thoughts? I’m stuck.

Thank you, Lester More

The latest version mentioned on Zoom site is LE5 as far as I can see.

Someone from Steinberg is going to have to help you with the user account problem…hopefully they’ll see this and respond.

Didn’t even know Cubase had an LE version to be bundled with hardware. I thought that was Cubase AI. I wonder what the difference between the two is.

LE is the most limited version…half the number of audio/midi/instrument tracks and 18 FX compared to 28 in AI.

OP: you may also want to read & post in this thread all about activating LE!!

Yes, it seems Cubase LE5 is the highest version available for non-Steinberg/Yamaha hardware; I’m guessing whatever deal they struck back then has not been renewed since Yamaha took over Steinberg. A friend bought a Tascam interface recently and it came with a Tascam-branded Cubase LE5 (as in: it say “Made for Tascam” as Cubase loads). It works wonderfully well on Windows 7 (even 64-bit Window 7, as a 32-bit application) and is totally stable and more than adequate for what he wants to do (basic multitrack recording).

Lester: is the problem that you have no software at all with the H4N? On my H1, the software was actually on the SD card fitted in the device itself, if you connect it to a computer it shows up as a card reader and there’s the software ready to be installed. Cubase LE5 allows you to use it fully for 30 days before registering anyway.

Thanks to those who have replied. It appears that the LE5 version of Cubase was bundled with the Zoom H4N I purchase through Amazon. Included was an activation code to be entered in Steinberg’s elicenser, I think. Not too difficult, except I’d like to confirm compatibility and proceed with the correct OS before I click on any download prompts :

  1. Does Steinberg still process LE5 downloads to Windows XP, or will I need Windows 7,or better? (Trying to save a buck if I can by using an XP laptop for some basic DAW chores).
  2. How does one contact Steinberg for answers to questions not addressed in the FAQs when there s no phone # and the ‘create an account’ page has me running in circles? Probably my fault, but I’m mired in a muddle at the moment.
  1. Cubase LE5 works wonderfully on Windows XP, if that helps.
  2. Steinberg support numbers are at

Many thanks, Mr. Soundman. Using the link you’ve provided, I’ve emailed Steinberg support.
Now, I wait and see what I receive by way of reply. Hope renewed.

That is really, really odd!

I’ve started a thread myself about these types of trouble but I, too, have bought a zoom H4n. Bundled there was a CUBASE LE DOWNLOAD INFORMATION paper with a download access code included. I registered at steinberg, go to the MySteinberg page and input the code. It gave me a regular Cubase LE 7 download link AND an activation code, so I think everything is fine.

My problem was that I simply couldn’t use the eLicenser because SOMEHOW my UNIQUE eLicenser number was not valid and I simply can’t get support…

Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of the eLicenser software (here) and if that doesn’t help, seeing as you’ve been able to register a MySteinberg account, you can contact Steinberg Support directly by using the support contact form within your MySteinberg account.