Bounce In Place is possible in C7 New [Video]


You wanna Bounce-In-Place For One click? Here it is. For the Instrument track.
Just select your Instrument track and press your key command.


Edit - Select All on Tracks
Transport - Locators To Selection
Edit - Solo
File - Export - Audio Mixdown
Audio Export - Sync Channel Selectio with MixConsole
Audio Export - Increase Counter Start Value
Audio Export - Perfom Audio Export
Navigate - Bottom

After fulfilling this macro you need just to drag your new Audio track to the place you want.

But don’t forget to make appropriate settings in Export Audio Mixdown window
before start the macro. You need to do it ONCE. So, check the following settings:

1.Channel Batch Export
2.Path (wherever you want)

3.Naming scheme: 1.Channel Name. 2.Counter
(Counter lets you stay calm about possible file name conflicts, if you do

“Bounce-In-Place” more then once, for certain VSTi. From time to time you’ll

need to reset it)

4.Sample Rate
5.Bit Depth
6.Import into Project: Pool! Audio track!
7.Close window after export.

Sure, you’ll need to turn off inserts and sends manually if you want the dry
sound and after Audio Export make copy of your Instrument channel settings
to new Audio track, but with new MixConsole it’s a piece of cake (select
Instr. Channel - Ctrl+C, select Audio channel - Ctrl+V).

For MIDI Track + Multichannel VSTi Macro will be a bit more complicated.



This shows how many steps you have to go through to get what you want. And even after your macro, you have to move the tracks to where you want it, then mute the original, and perhaps even disable the insert effects to save cpu (at least in C6.5 you still had to do this).

In my main DAW program (not Cubase) all of this is done automatically. So always do a bounce in place whenever I am ready editing a folder with drums, bass, vocals or whatever I have in there. That way I keep cpu usage low.

… Really beats me why Steinberg has not realized how important this simple time saving thing is to some us.

Thanks Winter Rat!

I tried the macro but the only problem I’m having is with the “Locators To Selection” part. If I only select one event on a track with many events the Locator covers all the events on the track instead of just the one event I selected…

Nevermind. I figured it out. I just replaced “Edit - Select All On Tracks” with “Edit - Select Event” and it now only bounces down the events I select! :smiley:

Just curious… was this Bounce In Place macro possible in C6 too? Or were new key commands introduced in C7 that made it possible…

It tests great! Many thanks, Winter Rat (and Stealth)!

I just had a very unusual Cubase experience…

I bounced in place a chord from a instrument track with one click, then typed in the name of the new audio file in mediabay and dragged n dropped it directly into Kontakt!! :astonished: :open_mouth:

Is this really Cubase I’m using? :laughing:

I hope Steinberg is still working on editable frozen tracks/proper bounce in place but dam if Winter Rat’s macro isn’t a helluva workaround! Thanks again man!

I realize this is a sought after feature, as well as this thread offering a workaround but to have a bounce “in place” would literally mean that in the case of audio data, that revisions of rendered material would need to be kept, i.e. in the Pool and subsequently stored along with settings to revert.

Freeze kind of does this for VST instruments (and effects) but is arguably very clunky and to my understanding could never serve as the basis for such a requested feature.

This brings to mind the lanes function in Cubase and whether or not there is the ability to handle this type of situation, for both audio and MIDI data.

Hi fellows,
Thanks for your response.

tombuur, sure, we all want our DAW to do everything by its own and desirable with voice commands :wink: , but still…

Stealth, if you select the event manually, there’ll be no need to have string “Edit - Select Event” at all.


if you freeze an instrument it generates a wav file already without the need of a macro and all that stuff.

why not just copy this wav file into the pool and / or into the project???

are there several devs working at c7 at the same time doing different stuff and maybe hesitating doing that stuff that overlaps both groups?

Ah ok makes sense… thanks.

The problem is if you freeze an instrument it freezes ALL the events on the track. I usually just want to bounce in place one or two events at a time.

I can’t find the wav file anywhere though. I tried giving an instrument track and its events a unique name, then froze it, and then searched for the unique name in mediabay to find the wav file but nothing came up…

That would be due to being in stealth mode :slight_smile:



I’ve got some new Macros. Watch the video to see how it works.


This works awesome, thanks! Takes 5 minutes to set up, not an inconvenience at all. Only issue is how did you get the audio file below the track? Mine still goes to the bottom of the project. Also, does it have to go in to a folder like you have or can just the audio file be made? Thanks again

I use “Move selected tracks to new folder” command, because it’s the only way to make a track to move to another place without a user involved. And the Macros that do the job in the video are far more complicated than the one in my first post.

Would I just add the “Move selected tracks to new folder” at the end of the macro? Or is this a new one completely?
Could you show please?

Thanks a million!!


This one is totally new and it requires a couple of presets for the Project Logical Editor. I can upload my key command preset, that contains the macro, and presets for PLE too, if you want…

+1 for your hard work and the coming upload

I’m uploading my Key commands .xml file, that contains 4 Macros for Audio export. And “For Export” Folder with Project Logical Editor presets, which you will need to run those Macros.

Put the .xml (which is in the For file) file to
C:\Users[User]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Presets\KeyCommands
And “For Export” folder (which is in the For file) to
C:\Users[User]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Presets\Project Logical Editor.

Before you start, save your key commands to a preset.

So, open your Key commands menu, go to presets and find the one of mine: “For Export”, click on it. Then click “Show Macros” button and find 4 new Macro in the list: “Export VSTi”, “Export Whole MIDI”, “Export Multi MIDI P.1” and “Export Multi MIDI P.2”. Then find your saved Key commands preset and load it, because you need my Macros, but not my Key commands assignment. New Macros will stay, if you have no Macros named the same. So assign any keys you want to the macros and that’s all.

How it works.

First go to Export Audio Mixdown and check the following settings:

1.Channel Batch Export
2.Path (wherever you want)

3.Naming scheme: 1.Channel Name. 2.Mixer Index 3.Counter
(This scheme will help to avoid file name conflicts, if you do “Bounce-In-Place” more then once, for certain VSTi. From time to time you’ll need to reset the counter)

4.Sample Rate
5.Bit Depth
6.Import into Project: Pool! Audio track!
7.Close window after export.

(The rest is shown in the video.)

1.“Export VSTi”. Pretty easy - choose the track & the event, push the button.
If you want to export several VSTi’s at once, you must remember, that all rendered Audio files will be in the one Folder, which will be located below the last selected Instrument Track in the Track List. Like this:

Instrument Track 1
Instrument Track 2
Instrument Track 3
Audio from Instrument Track 1
Audio from Instrument Track 2
Audio from Instrument Track 3.

Knowing Issue.
If your Instrument Track located between two Folders, like this:

Instrument Track

keep those Folders folded before the Audio export, other way a New Folder with rendered Audio will be placed in another (almost unpredictable) location.

2.“Export Whole MIDI”. Your VST Instruments must be in the VST Folder.
Lets say you have 4 MIDI tracks connected to HalionSonic SE (In the VST rack). HalionSonic has 4 activated outputs, so MIDI tracks connected to them accordingly. And you want these 4 MIDI tracks to be rendered. This is the case for “Export Whole MIDI” Macro. Just push the button and get 4 new Audio tracks inside a Folder, located under selected MIDI tracks.
If you select only 1 or 2 or 3 of 4 MIDI tracks, you’ll get 4 audio tracks with Audio events anyway. But the Audio events from the “not selected” MIDI tracks will contain silence. It happens because your HalionSonic has 4 activated outputs.
So, to render only 1 or several MIDI tracks from a Multitrack VSTi with many active outputs you need to use “Export Multi MIDI P.1” and “Export Multi MIDI P.2”.

3.“Export Multi MIDI P.1”.
Choose MIDI track(s) you want to export and remember the number(s) of their MIDI output channels, then press the hot key for the Macro. Macro will zoom out your tracks and bring you to the VST folder, where all active outputs of the selected VSTi will be set to SOLO, so you can easily distinguish them among the others. Now you need to select the output(s) (highlight it/them) you actually want to render (the remembered MIDI output channel(s)). Then press the hotkey for the “Export Multi MIDI P.2” Macro. It will do the job and bring you back to your MIDI tracks and new Audio.

“Export Multi MIDI P.1” and “Export Multi MIDI P.2” Macros will come in handy when you have a large project with lots of tracks and Multioutput VSTi’s.

Have a nice day.
For (20.6 KB)
For (8.62 KB)

Thanks a bunch Winter Rat for doing this! :smiley: