Bravura metadata

If the JSON filename ends with .html it’s not a JSON file, it’s a webpage. Double-check whatever instructions you’re following!

Though the Music Fonts menu is populated solely by the fonts whose metadata Dorico can find, you don’t need metadata for them to be compatible. If you have Musejazz installed, simply go to Font Styles and change the Default Music Font to Musejazz. As long as it’s properly mapped to SMuFL, it’ll work.

You mean that you can load a SMuFL font in Dorico even if this font does not have a json file for Metadata?
I cannot do this on my system and I am quite sure that a SMuFL font does need a Metadata json file to be recognized by Dorico.
I will check later.

In case you have problem to create a json metadata file, you can have a look to this sthread:
You will find there some instructions on how to create the most minimal json file

This is exactly what I mean. As I said, the Music Fonts menu is populated solely by fonts with metadata — recognized, as you say. Directly through Font Styles, however, you can even load Times New Roman, for all Dorico cares.

OK now I understand better what you wrote!
And indeed, you are right.
I never thought about changing the Music Font in “Engrave/Font Styles/Default Music Font” but I always used: “Engrave/Music Font” where only fonts with a metadata json file are available.

Interesting, thanks for this. I must investigate further.

This subject has been discussed on the Dorico Facebook page. See

John Barron uploaded a zip-file with the files you need and some instructions: