Timo, these plugs are absolutely fantastic. In a league of their own. Congratulations to you guys. VCM technology is adding a new dimension to mixing ITB. :smiley:

I have been quite vocal on Gearslutz about these plugs (my username is Undahaus)

Two concerns:
There is no side-chaining for the 5043 (I understand that the hardware unit doesn’t have this feature, but VST3 does) Please incorporate this into future updates…

Secondly, the price…


I bought the bundle this morning… :smiley:

a few simple clips posted on Gearslutz…

Hi Robin,

thanks very much for your post, I’m very pleased that you like the RND’s !
The sidechain functionality in the Comp 5043 will definitely be available with an update,
which will be released in about 2 months.

Regarding the price…I know they’re everything else but “cheap”. But this
is true for the price - and for the sound :slight_smile:
The development of the two plug-ins, based on VCM technology, has taken quite a
while as they should fulfil highest expectations, so this price really reflects the efforts
Neve, Yamaha and Steinberg have spend.


Hey Timo.

When will we get SURROUND SUPPORT please!! :smiling_imp:

Hi Timo. Thanks for the info about the future update. Much appreciated. The RND’s are nothing short of spectacular for me, so I do understand the cost. Keep up the good work. I just wish I could sell my other eq’s now… :wink:

Surround support!!! Yes, please!!!


Hi! Please, think about the process of making audio plugins. What’s kind of audio interface or sound card used? Monitors? Ears? The music is not math! It’s impossible to specify soft plugin audio parameters! It doesn’t sound itself. I’m not against software development. A short test clearly shows that included NUENDO plugins can perfectly match all of your audio needs.
Think about the size of downloaded file ( trial ) - 322MB. OK. VST and AU format, compressor and eq, mono and stereo. Looks like 50MB per plugin! Oh, new technology! Take a look - about 12MB each! multiply by 6, equal 72MB. Where is another 250MB?
I had a short conversation with mr. Rupert Neve on AES convention in New York two years ago. Extraordinary person, big respect! But it’s absolutely impossible to properly emulate audio hardware. Also, refer to SoundOnSound magazine. I don’t remember exactly issue, but it was last year. Serious article about plugins - George Massenburg and Waves’s boss discussed about a new approach in audio plugins making. So, humans have to invent something absolutely new! Today’s gadgets market addressed to amateurs.
Conclusion. Don’t spend money for buying audio plugins, unless you’re sure that you extremely need it. They have almost the same basis of a programming code. They all sound approximately the same. Switch your attention to more important things in your life. $799 for two plugins it’s insanity. Really for the pictures, that you have jet in your Cubase, especially in NUENDO!
Does somebody agree with my position?

P.S. This article was removed today morning. Nobody wants negatives. Close forum?! Mr. Timo please, answer.

Nope, I humbly don’t agree…

By the way, the demo included a 200meg + video. If you had downloaded the demo you would know this. If you’d used the plugins in an actual mix you’d clearly understand that they are in a different league.

I do agree, however, that plugins are emulations of hardware - it will always be a compromise.

I look forward to your constructive criticism on the actual plugins, not a broad-based bombing of the plugin format as a whole. That should be directed to general ‘I Hate Plugins’ thread.

Thank you for comments. I love new technology and audio plugins. I compared numbers of 3rd party plugins with my included in Nuendo 4. Nuendo 4 is great. Of course in my setup: Nuendo4 on Mac pro, RME AIO, ADAM S series monitors with sub. My point is that Software manufactures don’t tell us full truth about their products.

This is not what you say in the post though - what you are saying there is that Mr Neve is telling lies, and these are the same as the bundled plugins. They are most emphatically not the same.
Have you actually tried them out?
Another point to make is that whilst I can partially agree that “They all sound approximately the same”, I would alter this to read “they can all be MADE to sound approximately the same”. However, this approximation belies & ignores the details that give various tools their individuality and also states that UAD & Yamaha’s modelling is wrong - it is not, and digital has moved to the point now where modelling the effects of passing audio through discrete electronics is now possible. This means we get the analogue character without the maintenance bills & the headaches and it most definitely does work.
Being able to get “close” is not the same as “they all sound the same” - for example, take the Neve 1073 (UAD version) and crank up the high shelf to boost +6dB. You may be able to approximate this sound by using several filters in combination, but you have to get the frequency right, the slope right, the Q right (or the resonance in the shelf depending on it’s type) as well as the non linearities modelled in the UAD & the RND plugs.
Lots of luck with that one. It’s the non linearities that impart the unique signature of any piece of kit, and attempting to reproduce what the 1073 can do on one dial may well take you a good half-dozen controls to match on another unit, and even then it will not be right.

One statement I do agree with is that the bundled tools with Nuendo do indeed give you all you need.
I’ve always found it funny that a lot of people never even try the stock tools.
These will only get you so far down the road though - on a good day this might be 95-98% of the way, but that last 2-5% is what makes the difference, and not just in audio tools either.

You’ve already got the dongle - I urge you to give these a try…

Hi Neil,

good to hear from you. Surround support is being discussed at the moment. I’m not sure
whether we can implement it very easy (that’s what I’ve heard from the developers
so far). But this is still under discussion. I’ll let you know!

Sidechain will come definitely.


Thanks Timo.
Good news on the latter, but I cannot see what the problem is with the former.
All we really need is either
A - the same way it was done in the old Surround Edition, or
B - the way Aleksey does it at Voxengo.
Just not the same way the stock VST3 plugs are, as global parameter operation is hopelessly inadequate.
But needed it really is. Current surround plugin handling is very poor with a few notable exceptions.

Kudos Guys!

thee plugins are great. As I wrote on Gearslutz, I could propably live without the compressor, but EQ changed the way I mix ITB. Everytime I used them I got the results instantly.
After demoing for 5 days I bought them.
About the price it was worth it!

Hi Kamilsaj,

thanks for your positive comments and for buying them. Everyone who chooses the plugins can expect
a top quality, as they are not cheap. And it has taken really some considerable time to develop them.
It’s of course a very exclusive product and I’d like to thank you for your trust in us/Yamaha/Neve.


Hi Timo,

Can I just echo what has already been said about these plugins. I downloaded the demo’s on Tuesday and was so blown away by the results on my current and previous mixes that I have just purchased the bundle.

I look forward to other plugins using VCM technology in the future from Steinberg.



I’ve just had half a day with these and i LOVE em!
As said they’re dead easy to dial in… VERY musical!.. much more musical than the included comps/EQs…

I recorded a Taylor Acoustic last week using a M/S mic config and i’ve just been tweaking it with them… the difference is worlds apart! The EQ add a very subtle ‘sheen’ and slightly ‘bitier’ mids without being snarly, the low end is lovely and hollow but still warm.
The comp is pretty handy too… flattened the taylor with it just a touch… you can hear it but it’s nice and fat and warm again.
Used the two of them on a snare track from BFD2 also… a fairly damped ludwig black beauty, i was fairly happy with the original sound i had but even ‘nuking’ the snare with compression it still sounded wonderful!

Need to do some serious thinking over the next month i think… :wink:

I look forward to try these plugins.
Nuendo and Cubase wear different price labels. Nuendo is not cheap… I expect top quality for Nuendo. The best that is possible with current technology! Right out of the box.
Eq and compressor is the two most basic tools for us, so why is these plugins not included?


because Nuendo and Cubase already have a 60 plug-ins feature set, including quality EQ and Comps.
The RND Portico plug-in development is a joint cooperation with Neve and we have spend many efforts
during the past years to develop these plug-ins. I’m pretty sure you won’t see any plug-ins of this kind
as a standard in any DAW on the market.


Hello everbody,

Are you using RND compressor and EQ plug ins on the Master Bus, or are you using them on each channels? For example you have composed a piece including 4 audio channels + 5 midi channels. Do you put plug-ins to the master bus for whole compression and equalization? Or do you put plug-ins to each audio and midi channels individually? You may compress piano based audio channel different than guitar based midi channel etc?


I’m using them wherever it takes my fancy to!
Individual tracks (The EQ works really well on kick drums as well as whole drum busses).
In fact, there are few places I have tried it where this EQ does not work really, seriously well.