Bring Back Beat Calculator

Just adding my voice to the choir here: Steinberg, PLEASE bring back Beat Calculator. While Cubase 13 has some wonderful new features, I think removing Beat Calculator was a massive oversight. The Tap Tempo feature you added does not serve the same purpose, and is in fact a liability when dealing with a very audio-heavy session.

I’ve been an avid Cubase-devotee for years, and it’s the DAW that I rely on to do my job. I am always up for new innovations, but removing reliability is not the way forward.

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The is another big thread with this topic. Please support the other one.

Looks like they closed off comments on that thread. But it also looks like I am not the only user that is sorely missing this feature. Really hoping Steinberg can bring it back in the next update.

The new Tap Tempo is nowhere as efficient. It immediately changes the tempo of your session, which is just ridiculous. Plus it’s surprisingly much harder to tap out tempo on a mouse, than using the spacebar on your keyboard.

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There has been no update since the very 1st release, so there cannot be any change made.

As you can see, it has an atencion. It was discussed and closed, so obviously, Steinberg representatives are aware of it.

Wait for the 1st maintenance update, please.

I’m pleased to see the tap tempo on the transport bar, but agree that it should not replace beat calculator which has more features.

Just for info though, you can assign a key command for tapping tempo. It works well IMO.

It is obvious to me that the moderator who closed the thread was aware it, but until I read the above it wasn’t obvious to me that Steinberg reps were also.

Thank you for the clarification!

In the meantime feel free to vote here:

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Just seen yesterdays Club Cubase live stream with Greg’s take on BC coming back… Spoiler alert, seems the thinking is its no longer needed since for the most part, there’s duplication of settings already in the Sample Editor (Definition tab) that’ll do the same job…

(starts at topic)

I get mixed up with what he’s showing in the Audio Editor Inspector (after double-clicking on the event) at left vs what’s displayed in the Info line where the clip is loaded in the Sample Editor window in lower zone…

Just going to leave it there.

Oh, I ain’t touching that Definition tab. First, I still haven’t figured out how it works and I tried several times. Then, it messes up my view settings on the Sample and Key Editor every time I touch it. I consider this tab pure evil.
Thank you, but NO, thank you.

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Agreed. Thought it was just me… was hoping Greg was showing me something new, that I hadn’t discovered/used properly…

Well, on this evidence can’t see the BC being brought back anytime soon.

The Steinberg employee who closed the topic has his title right there in his profile. Please do not create unnecessary confusion.


Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update, which includes the fix, has been released. Please, download and install the update.